Project Trans Am – 22 Months Later

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Project Trans Am – 18 Months Later

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The Sears/Kmart dot com = Horrible Commerce Sites and Craftsman made over seas?

First let me clear the air, the / (And all other domains it takes itself on as) are horrible sites for web commerce. Also troubling is the trend to manufacture Craftsman hand tools over seas. Searching for Craftsman Tools on a Mobile Device Searching for Tools on with a mobile device is […]

Pegboard in the Garage and Snags Tearing Down the Pontiac 301 Turbo

This Memorial Day weekend I got to do some work around the house. My initial plan was to start building the Pontiac 400, but I recently discovered I needed one more part (Cam thrust plate) and it did not arrive yet, so I decided to work on the firewall and other various little parts on […]

Torque Wrenches Reviewed

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My Enthusiasm for Pontiac Continues

If you’ve talked about cars with me in recent months, you know I’m in the process of restoring a 1981 Trans Am. I bought the car knowing the motor needed rebuilt or replaced. Last fall I picked up a Pontiac 400 V8 (more specifically, a W72 from a 77 Trans Am with the transmission and […]

Project Trans Am – Focusing on the Engine

To update on the progress of my project 1981 Trans Am, the Turbo motor has been successfully pulled and I’m now in the process if getting it sold. So if you’re looking for a Pontiac Turbo 301 from a 1981 Trans Am to rebuild or for parts, please contact me!!! I’m going to keep some […]

Thoughts on GM’s Volt Hybrid Technology

If you know me really well, you know that I wrote a report on hybrid technology my senior year of high school. When the first hybrids came onto the market 7 years later, I didn’t rush to buy one. I admire the technology but up to this point, I’m not completely sold it’s the best […]

Solution for Civic Si Burning Hot Shift Knob, a Leather Knob Sock

So, I absolutely love my 2007 Civic Si Sedan! There is one item though that has been driving me crazy for 2 years now: the extremely hot shift knob. You can see in the picture on the right that the shift knob is really nice and shiny. When you drive the car, it’s a great […]

2007 Civic Si Transmission Rebuilt!

The 3rd gear problem with my car has been fixed! If you haven’t followed by blog, I was having a problem with 3rd gear since I got the car last year. When the car was cold, it was very hard to get into 3rd gear and sometimes even when hot it required extra force. The […]