Columbus, Ohio

2007 Civic Si Sedan at 1,500k miles – MPG over 30!

So I’ve put over 1,500 miles on the car now and let me tell you, all the miles have been wonderful. I’ve been keeping track of my gas mileage and I am happy to report I am getting over 30 mpg at every fill up thus far. I’ve filled the car up 6 times now and the worst fill up I got 30.1 mpg. The best mileage I’ve seen is 31.4 mpg. My last car, a 2000 Civic EX Coupe, ranged from 29 to 36 mpg. The month before I purchased the new Civic I was averaging between 32 and 34mpg. This is a good comparison since I have not changed my driving routes or habbits in the past 6 months. I do drive mostly highway miles though.


Yes, I have a few gripes about the car. They are small but they could make a difference. Here’s the list.

  • The chrome Honda symbol on steering wheel reflects the sun into my eyes at times. Has anyone taken it off without ruining the look of the steering wheel?
  • The steel shift knob will conduct heat like no ones business. On sunny days I have to drive with a towel on the shift knob. I know the shift knob looks cool but the look is not worth burning your hand over. I am looking for a leather shift knob cover to resolve this gripe.
  • The location of the second power adapter in the center console is not convenient.
  • This is more of a thought than a gripe. The location of the cup holders is not ergonomic in my opinion. It does allow you to put larger than normal containers in them but they are not easy to reach when driving. In particular, I find it difficult to open a can of pop at the angle I sit in the seat.

Anyway, these are small issues I have with the car and they certainly don’t make me regret buying the car. The car is awesome! I think everyone should test drive an Si to truly appreciate what a small car can be if a manufacturer puts the effort.