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2007 Civic Si Transmission Rebuilt!

Civic Si Transmission 6 speedThe 3rd gear problem with my car has been fixed! If you haven’t followed by blog, I was having a problem with 3rd gear since I got the car last year. When the car was cold, it was very hard to get into 3rd gear and sometimes even when hot it required extra force. The problem was more noticeable in the Winter, though this spring it seemed to have continued beyond the cold months. The transmission has been rebuilt now, and you can tell a difference. I wouldn’t say that it’s like new, but the gears are much more consistent that is for sure. The gears have a “looser” feel to them, not nearly like my last 5 speed 2000 EX but enough to notice that the transmission was previously a lot tighter when in gear. This to me is not a bad thing, as long as I can get it into gear I don’t care how much left-right play there is.

The mechanic at my local dealer was explaining to me that they rebuilt one other Si 6 speed transmission this past weekend and were starting another rebuild that day. He gave me a peak at the transmission they’re currently rebuilding. The area marked in red are the gears that they replace. He also pointed to a vertical rod and underneath where one other part is replaced in the rebuild. I’m guessing that they replaced 2nd and 3rd gear. Any transmission experts want to comment?

They received the wrong bump stops so they were unable to replace those at this last visit. I’ll post a follow up when the bump stops arrive and are installed.

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  1. After all the complaints, Honda has replaced my transmission on my 2007 civic si under warranty. I had to pay for a clutch rebuilt but as they say, “the clutch isn’t covered”, however all that double clutching to get it into gear could of explained the premature clutch replacement. But I am not complaining, well, sort of, I am wondering why Honda took this approach after being so mean and callous to my problem? Is there an on-going class action suit about this out there I don’t know about. Anyway, its fixed and running great.

  2. I think they should have replaced your clutch with a new car and the damage to the transmission, but like all dealers they always have to find a easy way out and make a buck or two

  3. i have a 06 civic si and my trannmission broke around 35k mil….. i pulled out in first to like 4000 rpm put it in second and bang!!! trnny dropped… took it to honda and got no help what so ever… they didn’t even want to take the tranny out to look at cause they were like ( i already know whats going to happen when we take a tranny apart…. its going to showe that u drove the car to hard for something like that to brake..) like coooomme oon…… i have all my car files from the first time that i took my car into honda cause of the tranny problems after one week of owning a new car… so what ever.. i had a used tranny with 8k mil on it put in cause it was cheaper and i had to paye for it. and honda did the job.. now hear i am with 60k mil on my car and the f**king tranny broke again… im not even going to f**k with honda any more, ill never even buy anything with the name honda on it ever again… im going to buy another tranny, put it in and trade it in for something new at toyota… and i no it aint me driving the car wrong cause i owned a few 5 speeds and had anything like this happen to me … so every one with the civic si… don’t think that honda will one day fix this problem cause they wont.. so sell your car or blowe it up or something cause u will always have that problem with your car… good luck thinking you fixed 2 and 3 gear cause you didn’t…. it will always cause a problem….

  4. Funny how everyone cries cause their car broke and tries to be all oh but I didn’t do anything ‘f’ honda blah blah blah dont expect them to do shit for you blah blah blah. The 06 si’s now have a recall for that annoying 2-3 upshift problem. All I paid for, was a day and a halfs worth of electricity while I sat on my ass and played MW2. That was six months ago, and tranny still runnin like new.

  5. That i’s so crazy I had the same problem !!!!! Tranny blew right
    After I hot the car 2 weeks later
    I brought it to Honda m they said I used n abused it
    2nd gear made a bang changes the tranny
    Couple thousand later my tranny falls off
    My motor $@#% hondas !!

  6. i have a 2007 honda civic si manual 6 speed, is it cheaper to have the tranny rebuilt or replaced?

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