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Taking her in! Civic Si Sedan for 3rd Gear Problems

I’m finally taking the car into the dealer tomorrow to get the transmission looked at and the front suspension popping noise fixed. I’m starting to feel like I’m damaging the 3rd gear driving my Civic and the front popping noise in parking lots is getting quite annoying. I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress.

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  1. What did they say about the popping noise? I have an 08 SI Sedan and the poping noise from the driver side suspension is driving me friggin crazy. I want to bring it to the dealer but would like some more info so I know what to tell them so they dont jerk me around saying they dont hear it.

  2. Print this post’s comments out and take it with you to the dealer. Tell them there are over 30 responses on the issue just on this guy (Angelo’s, aka my) personal blog alone about the issue.

    Copied from the other thread, here are the parts needed to fix the front suspension. These parts are copied from an invoice from someone who had the problem fixed:

    -(2) 51722-SNA-A03 RUB, FR- BUMP STOP
    -(2) 90213-SNA-013 NUT, (12mm)
    -(6) 90304-S10-024 NUT, FLANGE (10mm)
    -(4) 90213-SR3-013 NUT, (14mm)
    -(4) 90190-SNA-000 BOLT, FLANGE- (14×57)

  3. By the way, my dealer (Immke Northwest Honda of Columbus, Ohio) has ordered replacement parts for both the 3rd gear issue and my front suspension. As soon as the problems are fixed I’ll post a follow up.

  4. I finally got my 08 SI Sedan to the dealer. Its been there a week now for the popping noise from the front end. Of course, they didnt hear it when they checked it out the first time. So I had to go there and demonstrate it for the tech. The key is to make a full turn (wheel completely turned one way), then hit a small bump or dip straight on. I was able to make it happen 3 times in a row just in their parking lot.

    They claim they have replaced the bump stops, the strut, the tire rod end, and some bearing. They told me today its still making the noise after replacing all those items and need to keep the car still. I will follow up when I hear more.

  5. Got my car back today. Pretty funny story. The service rep I was dealing with originally said the Bump Stop TSB 07-078 did not apply to the 08, so that definatelly wasn’t the problem he told me. That was almost a week ago. Two days ago he told me that they had replaced the bump stop and all the other items I mentioned in my previous post, but the noise was still there. Today I called, and the rep was out sick. So I dealt with another guy and he says “Yeah, we replaced the bump stops this morning in the noise is gone. Come pick it up”. I asked if they had replaced them 2 days ago like the original rep told me, and he said according to the work order, No. They were replaced today.

    Long story short, the noise is gone. Appears to have been the Bump Stop. They replaced it on both sides. I hope Honda updates TSB 07-078 to include the 08 so others dont have to lose their car for a week like I did.

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