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2007 Civic Si Sedan Clicky Knock Popping Noise While Turning in Front Suspension

It appears the clicky, knock, popping sounds in the front suspension of the 2007 Civic Si Sedans may have been solved. On the 18th, 4 days go, Honda announced a Service Bulletin on this very problem for other civic models. It does not include the 2007 Civic Si Sedans though. Since this problem is also occurring in the 2007 Civic Si Sedans, I fully expect to see this same bulletin for our 2007 Si Sedans sometime soon.

From the diagram pictured in the Advisory, it appears the ‘bump stop’ is the culprit. I suspect the rubber is getting depressed when the car is twisted at an angle. I don’t believe the defective bump stop is a safety issue but never the less I expect Honda to fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks to others contributing comments to my blog, I’ve found an array of other web sites that talk about the issue.

Thanks everyone who has posted comments on this issue on my post titled ‘2007 Civic Si Sedan – OH YEA!‘. You can always count on fellow Honda owners comradery.

If you are a Honda owner, I highly recommend you create an account on the Honda Owner Link web site. This account will provide you with recall information along with other information about your car.

Update on September 6, 2007
Bill Pealer has contributed this video which records the popping sound that we’ve all encountered. I would like to say that the popping sound that I observe in my Civic is nearly identical. If you wish to skip right to the popping sound, fast forward the video to about 3:00 minutes.

Thanks Bill for the contribution.

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  1. Hey Ang –

    Me again – Mine has had front struts replaced on 07 SI 4DR- Still popping just as LOUD. Delaer has said , I am on mine OWN. BURT KUNI Honda of Denver. Opened up a case with Honda America. Thye are saying it MAY not be the same problem. Thye have a “MULE” car disasembled in Dallas attemptiing to determine the problem. I have fied with the BBB under the lemon act, giving them 2 more weeks or asking for my money back. 8 Weeks of endless time and really NO HELP from Honda. This is the worst consumer experience I have had. 6 Times to the dealer and dealer is saying it must FAIL – IE be popping all the time for them to trouble shoot. They are saying its a Honda copororate ISSUE and tough LUCK for ME.

  2. Hey Greg,

    I feel for you. I’ve found it is hard to get a car mechanic to believe symptoms they themselves cannot reproduce. My mom had the same problem with her last car, a 1997 Saturn. The dome light kept flickering off/on and the dealer couldn’t explain why it was happening. She lived with it for 5 years. When the time came for her to sell the car, I helped her get the car ready and I came across the problem. The switch in the left rear door was not attached to the body properly and depending on how the door was closed sometimes the dome light would flicker other times it would just stay on. I just pulled the switch out a little bit and it seemed to have solved the problem.

    The sad thing is, car mechanics aren’t paid to clean the cars and play around with them. they’re just told to replace this or fix that and get it done by x minutes. I dealt with the same crap when I worked as a computer tech at a popular computer store. Sadly, I knew what other problems to look for when working on computers, (viruses, spyware, irq conflicts, etc…) but the company had rules based on what was being repaired and we couldn’t deviate from that. It truly sucks but that is how businesses work. I bet if you could hire a Honda mechanic and let him/her spend all the time they want testing and examining the car, they would figure out the problem. Even if they did confirm the problem, until Honda comes up with a solution we’re pretty much stuck.

    I am glad to find out Honda is testing a Mule car to figure out the problem. It will be better for all of us when the problem is fixed.

    Honda has pushed a lot of major engineering changes into market over the past 7 years. I had figured they did their homework but it appears perhaps some things blew right past them. The rule of waiting 2-3 years for the bugs to be ironed out of a new model may still hold true to this day.

  3. Hey guys,

    I first reported a while back about the clicky poppy noise. I brought my Si into the dealership on 6/15/2007. Haven’t seen it since. What has happened in that time? the first week they replaced all the parts of the front suspension. Noise still there
    The second week, they worked with their american honda tech line. Noise still there

    They decide to send out an actual American Honda Field Engineer to check out the car. This took three weeks for him to come. They delayed arrival TWICE. Finally on July 20th, the tech gets here. This guy mind you has a 100% repair success rate. Three days later, I get the call: “we can’t figure it out”

    To this day, it is still in a body shop in downtown San Jose, prolly in pieces trying to figure out the problem. Mean while, i’ve had to drive a freakin’ PT Cruiser for 6 weeks. Do you know how depressing this is?

    Even worse is there mediation department. The dealership has been awesome, but corporate is another story all together. After going through two reps, i finally get to mediation. A couple of days ago, they agreed to give me a new car. Of course there is a problem.

    Apparently, the Fiji Blue Pear Civic Si with Navi is extremely rare. They can’t find one at any dealership within a 200 mile radius. They said even if they could find one, convince the dealer to give it up, and bring it in to town it will be at least another 3 weeks until i see a new car!

    So the only local option, is a BLACK Civic SI 4dr with Navi, basically the same car, but with LEATHER seats. I went to check this car out yesterday and it has a bunch of scratches and 200 miles already on it. I’m guessing a dealer transfer.

    Anyways, the dilemma now is this. Do I wait only god knows how long to get another blue pearl model with $500 worth in accessories (Maybe) or take the Black one with leather (a 1300 value according to the dealer). I already feel shafted that they’re not tricking out my car because of all the BS, but do you guys think leather seating makes up for the fact that i don’t like the color of the car?

  4. Hey Alex,

    Color is important. Leather feels nice, but not if the seats get really hot its like sitting in a car with the old vinyl seats. Having leather would increase your resell value though.

    I think the navigation packed Si is not that great of a deal. You can get an in-dash DVD player and a portable navigation system for 1/2 the price after market. My suggestion, get Honda to find you a Blue Si without the navigation system but with the leather seats. Then buy a portable after market navigation system. If you want the system in-dash, then it’s still cheaper to buy after market and you can play DVD movies too. Check out Crutchfield:

    It sounds like Honda has a real situation here. I feel very lucky that the popping sound is not very frequent with my car. I am not as concerned about it as others are. I just hope they solve this problem soon so they can restore confidence in their products.

  5. Hey Alex – Can I get your Contact Information? I would like to call you and discuss asap. I am trying to get a new car out of honda as well- My popping NOISE has gotten worse and I believe it could lead to an accident. No one at Honda believes me for now- I have a case opened with Honda america for 5 weeks. The noise has gotten progressively worse and now pops at extreme LOW speeds – even going straight. Its extremely LOUD now and I am concerned about driving the car. I am not driving it and asking my local dealer for a full refund for a 2 DR SI – mine is a 4dr SI – Honda case management has told me they have several other 4dr Honda SI’s reported -DO NOT BUY ANOTHER 4 DR SI 2007- This may be an inherent design flaw. Mine is basically inoperable – and has been since its had 100 miles on it – its really a SHAME.

  6. Hey Alex,

    I am going to send you an E-mail with Greg’s address. I’ll leave it up to you to contact him if you wish.

    If you want to exchange E-mails on the blog, please make sure you post your E-mail address with something to split the @ sign, e.g. name [at] address [dot] com. Spammers will easily harvest E-mails from blogs.


  7. Hey everyone,

    I’ve been reading through your postings and it sounds to me like your going through hell! I had an ’03 Civic EX and the front right of the suspension made this clicking noise in to turns. I never questioned it since i bought it with 2 miles and it turned out to be an amazing car. I totaled it last year and bought me an ’07 Civic EX, guess what that notorious clicking noise only this time is on the left front side. I have had absolutely no problems with it so far and am at 12000 miles. No telling what it is but it must be a Civic thing. As i noticed my car is not listed in the fix that Honda Advisory has issued. Good luck with your resolutions to this case on your Si’s.


  8. Alex – contact me at greg [at] dirsec [dot] com – please – i need some backgorund on your case- i am getting the run around from my dealer and honda america – my car has been sitting in my garage for 2 weeks – i want to leverage your case with american honda nad my dealer- its the same profile – same car 2007 SI 4dr – i would really appreciate it – !!! 720 -261- 0117

  9. Hey everyone,

    I am having the same popping noise, taking it tomorrow for about the 10th time. Hopefully after the Technical Service Bulletin of July 17, they will finally see that I’m not crazy and fix it (unfortunately, the 4 door isn’t listed on the bulletin but hopefully they will still at least try). Has anyone else had problems with third gear? Also, anyone with electrical problems!?!? I blew 6 fuses within the first 2 months of owning it. Please someone get back to me if you’ve had any of these problems. THANKS SO MUCH!


  10. Hey Jonna-

    Honda is very aware of the problem. I have not driven my car in 3 weeks , because i am concerned, that there is a safety issue (4dr 07 SI). Honda America, not my Dealer-, has an open case on my car, but they want to close it, because they are aware of a CAR WIDE 2007 4DR CIVIC SI, subframe, Frame, Suspension issue. The “problem” is being worked on, but no engineering fix is a available yet for a “bulletin” to be posted. My take, is that it could be at least 60 days, and as long as 90 days. I have asked Honda America to take my Car back, since it has been making the same noise, since it has had 30 miles on it. If it was an easy FIX, it would have been issued already, and its not the BUMP STOP, “bulletin” as some others are saying. The 4dr Civic SI is several inches longer, and about 100LBS heavier, also it uses different components than 2 DR, 4dr Civics and the 2dr SI. Honda America customer service has been working with me “weekly” for 10 weeks. I have documented over 100 “same” noises” on various road conditions, albeit, all in low speed conditions. The “noise” has gotten louder, and now will “fail” in sub 2MPH conditions over a small bump in the road. The “noise” is extremely LOUD, as in teeth grinding, toe clinching, and last time it sounded like a 22 GUN Shot, at least at 100 decibels coming out of the left front drive shaft/ Wheel well/ Fender. I am sure NOBODY at Honda would want to drive a BRAND NEW Car any where with this kind of noise coming out of the wheel well. My local dealer- BURT KUNI Honda, is trying to get together a “trade” WITHOUT the help of Honda America, which says now their official word is “wait” they are aware of it and a Field “FIX” is being developed. There appears to be a Filed “engineer” or 2 working on this, and reported to have a car -4DR SI 2007- torn apart in Dallas. I believe this car was bought back as a “MULE” so they could prototype the fix. the end result is that this is the WORST CUSTOMER NEW CAR experience anyone could have. Its a SHAME because my Rep at HONHDA America is a really nice guy, but its a classic case of BIG BUSINESS against consumer. Its just plain SUXS. More to come on my attempt to TRADE for a 2dr SI – I can drive. I talked to another dealer in Denver and they are like- Yeah – Normally we mark up the 2dr SI $2500, because we CAN.. ARRGGGHHHHHHH

  11. I have had a 2007 Si sedan now for 2 months. I have the popping noise problem. It only happens when the cr is at rest from a power down and a fresh start. Driver side somewhere in the front. I thought it was the Electronic Stability Control kicking in on the first turn or bump. The owners manual said you will hear a slight noise when it is initially activated. But after reading this forum, and seeing the service bulletin, i am leaning now toward this suspension issue. HAS ANY ONE HAD ANY REAL ADVERSE EXPERIENCES WITH THIS? OTHER THAN PURE ANNOYANCE?


  12. Hey guys, I just bought my 07 civic SI 4DR with 11,000 miles less than 2 weeks ago. Since I am posting this I am sure you can guess what the problem is. I noticed the clicking noise the second day I had it but since the car was fairly new and Honda certified I didn’t think any thing of it.But now a week later the clicking is has got me worried. It sounds almost like a bad CV joint. The car drives perfect, but I don’t want a major problem in a year from now if it’s not taken care of. I was amazed at the number of other people with the same problem. I also noticed the 3RD gear problem right away,but that i am not to concerned with. Can anybody give me some suggestions.Should I try to take the car back or just wait it out until Honda does something about it. If anybody has contact info to Honda directly I would appreciate an e-mail boomslang311 (at) yahoo (dot) com Thanks and good luck

  13. I have video and audio of the “popping” noise if anyone is interested. Got in the car last night. Drove to the store, as I was leaving the store, went over a dip in the parking lot at maybe 10 mph,. and CLUNK! Got a good recording of it, and hitting some normal bumps and pot holes. TOTALLY DIFFERENT sounds.

  14. I here with you guys…
    I have an o7 si Coupe
    At first i thought it was the litte mud flap lookin thing under my front bumper..everyday i bring my g/f back to work and as i pull out of her parking lot and take a right turn down a small incline the pop comes.
    so yesterday i said f**k it…i pulled out and right at the spot it usally pops i parked it in the middle of the road, flicked a guy off an got down and dirty under the car..much to my surprise the little flap cleared by at least 3 inches…

    the only thing keepin me from goin to the dealer is losing my warranty due to the fact i have many aftermarket things done..

    if any figures this out email me at

    amancini (at)

  15. Hey Bill,

    If you don’t mind posting the video on and sending me the link, I’ll include it at the top of this post. I think that will really validate what everyone is complaining about here.

    Hey Alfonso,

    I believe you can have after market items on your car without it completely affecting your warranty. If you modify the engine, it may void the warranty on the engine but it certainly has nothing to do with popping sound in the suspension.

    If and when Honda issues a recall on the problem, it will not matter if your car is under warranty or not. There are government lemon laws that force them to fix these things.

    I am just waiting it out until Honda comes up with a solution to the problem. I do not perceive the sound as a safety issue. I may be wrong but I don’t think the sound will cause an accident. I hear the sound when I make right turns out of a bumpy parking lot, but I don’t observe the steering wheel deviating from the turn or the car giving any unnecessary vibration or feedback. The sound is pretty annoying though, and I would hate to have to explain that sound to someone like my dad.

  16. Thanks Bill for the video. I’ve included the embed code from YouTube so readers can view the video on the blog.

    I would have to agree, the bumps that cause the popping sound to occur are not necessary pot holes and typical road bumps. It appears to be caused when the road elevation changes causing the front of the car suspension to respond. I can reproduce the sound by pulling out of a driveway making a right hand turn at 5mph.

  17. No prob for the video. If anyone wants to contact me.
    billpealer at yahoo dot com is my email. I have an appointment Sat at my dealership, and lets hope the service dept is better than my hack of a salesman. I would like to add that I get this noise from bumps, turning, hills,…etc, all after being parked, and all the time at speeds under 20mph. Most likely I do not get them at high speeds because it pops by the time I get there. I also left the video long so that you can hear the differance between bumps, road seams, and pot holes, and the very clear “bonk/pop” of the front end.

  18. Just reposting here what I posted on an earlier entry so every sees it:

    I HAVE THE SAME THIRD GEAR PROBLEM – Took my 2007 4door Si (only 4,000 miles) to dealer this morning – bad 3rd gear synchros!!!! They are going to take the tranny out today and make sure there isnt anything else wrong with it. I’ll update if they find anything else.

    This is obviously covered under warranty, so ALL OF YOU THAT ARE EXPERIENCING THIS 3RD GEAR PROBLEM NEED TO TAKE YOUR CARS TO THE DEALER AND HAVE IT LOOKED AT!! Do not accept this as, “its just the way the car is made”, we need you all go take your cars to the dealer so that it can be recalled or at least a bulletin can be made.

  19. I have the same exact problem, where the bonk/pop happens in right turn from stop, down incline at lot exit to flat roadway. If they don’t fix this bug, we sue.

  20. Had the fix last week,.
    This is what was on the Invoice:

    -(2) 51722-SNA-A03 RUB, FR- BUMP STOP
    -(2) 90213-SNA-013 NUT, (12mm)
    -(6) 90304-S10-024 NUT, FLANGE (10mm)
    -(4) 90213-SR3-013 NUT, (14mm)
    -(4) 90190-SNA-000 BOLT, FLANGE- (14×57)

    To report, no problem with the popping noise. Drove 8 miles on the way home from the shop.
    Drove yesterday:
    Drove another 30 miles yesterday to Stamford CT, and White Plains NY. Hit some bumps, dips, hills, ‘n turns. NO POP. Since i heard this sound right off the lot i am crossing my fingers that this did get fixed. I also have noticed i had a very subtle pull to the drivers side in the allignment at highway speeds. That is gone now. So i don’t know if this replaced bump stop improved the ride or alliagnment, no allignment was mentioned on the invoice. I am glad. I had my 3rd gear pop out once. and i have to baby it now. I will keep all posted on that. maybe go out one weekend with my cam and record some shifts.

  21. I have a 07 civic si sedan. Same F^$% problem, dealership says, oooh it’s the way the vehicle is, so bassically they are telling me that I have to live with the noise, and that SUCKS. I’ll have to go a diferent dealer this time and see if they can help me. if not probably will call BBB and get a lawyer for the lemon law. I love honda, but ey, it’s not free, right?

  22. i know this is off topic but i digress still;

    my coworker has an 07 civic si all blk but i was talking with him the other day and said the leather is flaking off on his steering wheel and he said he’s treated it and it still comes off. anything i can suggest to him or what he needs to do to get the dealer to fix it? email me subject line civic si

  23. I have a 2007 Civic LX. I heard the the popping problem within the first hundred miles going over speed bumps and dips in the road. I had the bump stops replaced. Still hearing the noise. I am reading horror stories of how the noise may be from a defect in the axle and/or frame. I am going to the dealership again and I am guessing they will replace the struts. Had anyone else had this problem and how was it resolved?

  24. I am sooo glad I found this thread! I have an ’07 Si Sedan (black), and I thought I was just being too picky….I, too have a shifting issue; ya gotta hit 3rd gear just right for it to mesh, or you’re hitting a gate, or worse. Has 7000 miles on it, and I have never heard or felt a clicking or popping noise in the front suspension; my problem is totally different, but truly maddening. Whenever I ‘m rolling at highway speed, if I accelerate a few hundred RPM’s for passing while in 6th, it pulls to the left. I mean, every friggin time. Nothing dangerous, or difficult to handle, but it’s insanely irritating; especially since it otherwise handles & rolls like a dream. I’m taking it to the Dealer this week, from whom I’ve bought 5 other Hondas (02 Civic EX, 03 Si, 02 CRX, 05 Element), and they better be cooperative. I hate hearing y’alls issues; it’s sad, ‘cuz I love the brand, but to be honest, since they started making them in N America (& England), the quality has steadily declined. We’ll see. Anyway, HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THE PULLING IN OD ISSUE? Thanks for any feedback. Merry X Mas from Texas!

  25. I’m not sure where you got your information about Civic’s just recently being made in North American. Most Civics sold in the US have been produced at the East Liberty plant in Ohio or the Alliston plant in Canada. since 1988. The only Civic’s made in England shipped here were the 2003-2005 Civic Si’s. The latest generation Civics 2006+, Sedans are made at the East Liberty plant and Coupes, Si Coups and Si Sedans are made in the plant in Canada.

    Someone at Honda, Nissan and Toyota figured out the cost of labor in Japan with the cost of shipping the car over seas was not cheaper than producing the cars in the U.S. Here’s an interesting article, semi off topic but interesting:,9171,1004876,00.html

    Never the less, accounts of this popping issue have been reported in Civic Sedans, Coups and Si’s. Some owners are not reporting the problem as well. I’m not an authority on the matter, but I assume that the problem is simply that the bump stop at times did not meet engineering requirements. I would rule out the place of assembly, since the cars are assembled in different plants.

  26. Interesting, the TV Station picked the 3rd gear problem over of the bump stop problem. They should have highlighted both problems.

    I just read on Edmonds that there is a service bulletin which addresses this transmission problem. The service reassembles the transmission in some fashion. The servicing applies to other model cars with the 6 speed transmissions such as the S2000 and Accords going back to 2003.

    I’m going to contact my dealer and see if I can get both issues resolved soon.

  27. I have a 2002 CRV-LX AWD with 110,000 miles. Several months a go it started making a ‘popping noise’ when going over minor bumps. Seems to be getting louder. My mechanic thinks it could be the sway bar but that doesn’t make sense to me.
    I bought the car used so the warranty is elapsed. Any suggestions?

  28. My last car exhibited the same popping noise under a much wider range of driving conditions and it was caused by the rear anti-sway bar. In my case, one of the links was broken and the bar would twist and make a pop/ping sound. With the number of miles your car has, the pop sound could be from a number of things, from bushings to anti-sway bar joints.

    In the case of my new car, the pop is exclusive to a specific way the front suspension is compressed. My local dealer has promised to fix the issue, but they have yet to notify me when they will be able to schedule the repair. They will be fixing my transmission issue as well.

  29. Honda TSB 08-020 April 12, 2008 (3RD GEAR)


    Transmission Grinds When Shifting Into 3rd Gear, Pops Out of 3rd Gear, or
    Is Hard to Shift Into 3rd Gear

    The 6-speed manual transmission grinds when shifting
    into 3rd gear, pops out of 3rd gear, or is hard to shift
    into 3rd gear.
    NOTE: These symptoms can be intermittent and
    sometimes more noticeable in colder climates.

    The transmission has a faulty 3rd gear synchronizer or
    3-4 shift sleeve.
    Replace the 3rd gear set.
    2003–07 Accord V6 with M/T: ALL
    2008 Accord V6 with M/T 2-Door:
    From VIN 1HGCS218.8A000001
    thru 1HGCS218.8A003478
    2006–07 Civic Si 2-Door: ALL
    2008 Civic Si 2-Door:
    From VIN 2HGFG215.8H700001
    thru 2HGFG215.8H701973
    2007 Civic Si 4-Door: ALL
    2008 Civic Si 4-Door:
    From VIN 2HGFA555.8H700001
    thru 2HGFA555.8H702465

  30. I have an ’08 SI Sedan. I dont have the third gear problem, my vin is later than the one mentioned in the bulletin. So I guess they fixed that. However, I have had the popping noise from the front right of the car since the day I bought it with 9 miles on it. It seems to be getting worse. I will be taking it to the dealer this week.

  31. WOW!!! OMG!!!! IM NOT ALONE!!!!! thank F*&K!!!! 🙂 I am having this problem too!!!! and a few others but this one bothers me most!!!! I bought mine in November 2006. I have not checked the VIN or anything to see if its to late or not, just had to add my story too!!! Mine has had suspension problems since I bought her. The rear suspension has been replaced due to “bad part numbers” Ive had a couple noises in the front. There is a popping in my dash,… which the tech insulated and its pretty much gone, but there is the clunk when taking off and turning in either direction!. My dealer has been trying to help,… trying to fix it but to no avail.Struts replaced before and yesterday strut bearing but it still clucnks. They are tired of seeing me and I Ive been P*&&ed that ive had to go back over and over. But I finally realized that the car was built in 2006. When the civics body style changed. Even though its new, its bound to have problems! Thanks for the help !!! Ill be back frequently AND i will be taking this link and other websites to my TECH Thursday! YOUVE ALL MADE MY DAY!!!!! lol THANKS much!!!


  32. I finally got my 08 SI Sedan to the dealer. Its been there a week now for the popping noise from the front end. Of course, they didnt hear it when they checked it out the first time. So I had to go there and demonstrate it for the tech. The key is to make a full turn (wheel completely turned one way), then hit a small bump or dip straight on. I was able to make it happen 3 times in a row just in their parking lot.

    They claim they have replaced the bump stops, the strut, the tire rod end, and some bearing. They told me today its still making the noise after replacing all those items and need to keep the car still. I will follow up when I hear more.

  33. Got my car back today. Pretty funny story. The service rep I was dealing with originally said the Bump Stop TSB 07-078 did not apply to the 08, so that definatelly wasn’t the problem he told me. That was almost a week ago. Two days ago he told me that they had replaced the bump stop and all the other items I mentioned in my previous post, but the noise was still there. Today I called, and the rep was out sick. So I dealt with another guy and he says “Yeah, we replaced the bump stops this morning in the noise is gone. Come pick it up”. I asked if they had replaced them 2 days ago like the original rep told me, and he said according to the work order, No. They were replaced today.

    Long story short, the noise is gone. Appears to have been the Bump Stop. They replaced it on both sides. I hope Honda updates TSB 07-078 to include the 08 so others dont have to lose their car for a week like I did.

  34. I am an 07 si coupe owner and have experienced both the suspension popping and transmission issues. Apparently, these are not issues confined only to sedans.

    I agree, Honda has approached both of these issues in a piss-poor manner. I have had the infamous “bump stop” installed on my car and it has NOT fixed the popping problem. If anything, the noise is now worse.

    I had the entire transmission replaced by the dealership about 5K miles in after they agreed that a problem existed. Now, with just over 12K on the car, the transmission noise/grind is back, much to my chagrin. And now, Honda says that all the transmissions have an issue and that they won’t replace the transmission again since it didn’t fix the problem. They claim that I am “too anal”.

    Honda has been extremely unpleasant to deal with, as I am basically screwed. I love the performance and look of the car, but I’m sorry to say that I will never purchase another Honda due to my experience.

  35. My 2007 Honda Civic Si Coupe is experiencing both the 3rd gear and bump issue, but unfortunately my job required I drive a significant amount of miles for a while so it is out of warranty. Great.

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