Columbus, Ohio

2007 Civic Si Sedan Clicky Knock Popping Noise While Turning in Front Suspension

It appears the clicky, knock, popping sounds in the front suspension of the 2007 Civic Si Sedans may have been solved. On the 18th, 4 days go, Honda announced a Service Bulletin on this very problem for other civic models. It does not include the 2007 Civic Si Sedans though. Since this problem is also occurring in the 2007 Civic Si Sedans, I fully expect to see this same bulletin for our 2007 Si Sedans sometime soon.

From the diagram pictured in the Advisory, it appears the ‘bump stop’ is the culprit. I suspect the rubber is getting depressed when the car is twisted at an angle. I don’t believe the defective bump stop is a safety issue but never the less I expect Honda to fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks to others contributing comments to my blog, I’ve found an array of other web sites that talk about the issue.

Thanks everyone who has posted comments on this issue on my post titled ‘2007 Civic Si Sedan – OH YEA!‘. You can always count on fellow Honda owners comradery.

If you are a Honda owner, I highly recommend you create an account on the Honda Owner Link web site. This account will provide you with recall information along with other information about your car.

Update on September 6, 2007
Bill Pealer has contributed this video which records the popping sound that we’ve all encountered. I would like to say that the popping sound that I observe in my Civic is nearly identical. If you wish to skip right to the popping sound, fast forward the video to about 3:00 minutes.

Thanks Bill for the contribution.