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Excellent RMA service with Patriot Memory

Patriot Memory has very good RMA service. If you purchased Patriot Memory, rest assured your warranty will be honored. Link:

I got 2 1GB PC2 5300 sticks of Patriot brand memory in late July of last year. Both sticks worked great, then in April of this year one stick went bad. Unfortunately for me, the Inspiron E1505 was not much help in diagnosing the problem. The laptop was still under warranty when I called Dell. Dell support had me test lots of things, none of which was the memory. Eventually the tech had me give him the LED blink code that was coming from the laptop. According to the Dell support it was a code that indicated that either the system board or the processor was bad. Dell was so confident they solved the problem they told me to plan on sending the entire laptop back with the hard drive. So I spent the entire night backing up my hard drive to another computer. Then the next day I got the package to send the laptop back to dell and it said I could keep my hard drive if I had the knowledge to take it out of the computer. Agg, Dell phone support just never knows what is going on. So anyway, when I was getting ready to package the computer up, I decided I should take the upgraded memory out and put the original 512MB stick in.

Right before I packaged the laptop I thought maybe I would try to turn the computer on one last time. Well guess what, the laptop started fine. So now I had my own technical mind working, I tested each memory module separately in the computer and discovered the real problem, one of the Patriot memory sticks went bad. At that point I had to re-install windows on the hard drive, etc.. I decided to just run the laptop on 1.5GB of memory for the time being. I was pretty disappointed that my fairly modern Dell laptop is not as sophisticated as some previous computers I’ve owned 10+ years ago. A month later I decided I should see if the Patriot memory is under warranty. Lucky to me it was and when I contacted Patriot Memory, they wasted no time in getting me an RMA. Talk about two spectrums, Dell support was crappy but the Patriot was top notch.

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  1. i just like to let you know patriot will not honor there warranty if you dont buy from one of their authorized resellers
    so keep that in mind when purchasing any memory if the company doesnt authorize the place of purchase you have no warranty

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