Columbus, Ohio

2007 Civic Si Sedan – OH YEA!

I got the car! All I have to say is, it’s awesome!

I contacted just about every Honda dealer between Cleveland to Cincinnati and most gave me great quotes and were up front about fees and other information. I did encounter a couple dealers that had the typical dealer language and price talk. I am not sure why they do that, they just don’t call/E-mail them back.

I purchased the car from Hank Osborne at Superior Honda in Cincinnati. He was the most up front and to the point in E-mail and on the phone. Hank used to work in the tech industry, which may explain why I found it easy to work with him. So if you are a computer guy like myself and want to deal with a dealer who understands how you think, Hank is the man.

Here are some pictures:

Civic Si Sedan 1

Civic Si Sedan 2

Civic Si Sedan 3

I will be removing one of my complaints about the rear visibility. I believe the other Civics I test drove had the seat adjusted too low. I currently have the seat adjusted high enough that when I turn my head back I can see the rear spoiler on the trunk.

I am still at shock dealing with the 6 speed transmission. My original thought was the first 5 gears would be about the same as my previous car. That assumption was wrong. I am finding myself putting the car in 2nd gear at 15mph, 3 gear at 22mph, 4th gear at 30mph, 5th gear at 37mph and 6th gear at 45mph. This was in traffic. To me if traffic is moving slow, why rev up the engine. When merging onto the highway I followed the recommended shift points by Honda. Here are the recommended shift points noted in the owners manual:

1st to 2nd: 17mph
2nd to 3rd: 29mph
3rd to 4th: 37mph
4th to 5th: 43mph
5th to 6th: 49mph

So far I am pretty happy with the car. So far I am babying it to see what kind of gas mileage I can get being conservative with the gas pedal. It is so hard though, this thing really wants to get up and go!

UPDATED ON July 22, 2007

Thanks everyone who has posted comments on the suspension issue in this post. I’ve made a new post in light of the Advisory that Honda posted on the 18th of July, 2007. Click here to read more: 2007 Civic Si Sedan Clicky Knock Popping Noise While Turning in Front Suspension

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  1. Sweet car, I got the same exact one last month :). Are you having any problems with the shift from 2nd to 3rd gear?

    For some reason my 2nd -> 3rd is notchy sometimes, almost like the gearbox doesn’t want to engage, and sometime I’d get a grinding noise as though I missed the gear. It’s just not as smooth and easy like any of the other shifts, I often have to shift from 2nd>neutral, then to 3rd just to avoid the problem. I hope u’re not getting the same problem, since we have the same car and all

  2. I don’t have a problem with any of my gears. I would suggest taking your car to the dealer to get that fixed.

    So far both times I have filled my car up with gas I’ve calculated that I am getting over 30mpg. I do mostly highway driving though a good portion is in very slow rush hour traffic.

  3. dont have my si yet. cant wait-should be in in 2-3 weeks. my question is, i very rarely see si’s on the road – i wonder how many are in production vs how many regular civics-any ideas?

  4. Hey Kup,

    I am not sure what the actual percentage of Si’s are produced compared to the EX, HX, LX, DX or Hybrid. The Si is perhaps hotter than the Civic Hybrid so going by only what you see on the car lots may not exactly give you an accurate count of the Civics sold. If I had to guess, I would say one of every 40 Civics is an Si. I would also guess the same for the Hybird. The EX is the most popular model by far. My last car was a 2000 Civic EX Coupe. The 2007 EX only lacks a 20 horses from the 2000 Si and in other respects is fairly similar to the 2000 Si. It comes with all wheel disc brakes, front and rear stabilizer bars, and similar low profile tires that came on the 2000 Si.

    I know one other person who has an 2007 Si Sedan. I’ve kept an eye out on the road around Columbus and I’ve spotted 5 Si Sedans now (since Sept of 2007). They are out there, keep looking and when you get yours, drive the heck out of it!

  5. Thanks for the info. apparently, we’re not that far apart. Im in Pittsburgh. Still havent seen one si sedan on the road, and only one coupe. I am curious about the numbers though. I wonder where I might find production numbers on line somewhere.
    anyway, jealous u have yours already adn am anxiously awaiting mine (tafetta white BTW).

  6. Hey guys,

    I’m in California and I have the exact same Si as you do! I was wondering if you have experienced any sort of clicky/knock sound in your front suspension when you go over any bumps (like one wheel over a speed bump)

  7. Hey Kup,

    The white is a pretty rare color. I narrowed my colors down to blue and white and had to either drive to Cleveland or to Cincinnati to see one. Once I saw a blue and a white one I fell for the blue. One dealer told me that Honda was not going to produce any more white Civic Si’s for the rest of the 2007 year. This was in early May that I was told this. I would be more incline to think that Honda would build more white ones when inventory is low for a particular color. It is rare to see the other 2 reds on the road or in the dealer lots as well. Not to sure what is up with that.

  8. Hey Alex,

    I don’t hear any weird sounds when going over bumps. I have herd an odd sound once making left turns on the side of the car. I haven’t figured it out yet cause I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem. The sound I herd sounded exactly like the sound the door handles make when you open the doors.

    I’ve also herd that 3rd gear on some of the Si’s sometimes does not go in easily. I am starting to notice on mine that the 3rd gear does seem to have a locking feel when it goes into gear, more so than the other gears. I just went from a 2000 Civic EX though and every gear had that pop-in feeling so I am used to it. I haven’t experienced 3rd gear slip out though and the way I accelerate I doubt it will ever happen to me.

  9. just got call today!! my si is in.(I bet this is the only sentance possible with 4 two letter words). white must be rare, but u know what isnt? black. I stop at various honda dealers as i travel on business, adn EVERY ONE as at least 2 blacks on the lot. no lot ive seen, and Ive been to some big ones, has more than 4 si’s on the lot at a given time.

    PS: u guys are scaring me with the gears, creeks and groans stated above. hope I have no problems.


  10. I am starting to pay attention to the sounds my car makes. I have observed the knock/pop sound from the front suspension. It is when one of the wheels absorbs more shock and the other wheel doesn’t at all. The best way to reproduce the sound is to pull out of a driveway while turning and letting one wheel roll into the street first.

    I believe this sound is from the anti-sway bar. I had the same sound in my last car when I added a rear anti-sway bar. The bar gets a nice jolt when only one side is flexed. I think the only solution to fix it is to upgrade the front anti-sway bar. I don’t think new bushings will solve the problem.

    I am not going to worry about the knock/pop. I wanted the Si for the handling. It is just a fact of life that this car is not intended to handle hard bumps. That is what I paid for, a stiff responsive suspension.

    I don’t have the shift problems as others have reported. I have been told that upgrading the transmission oil solves the problem for those who have a problem. I wouldn’t sweat the problems mentioned above.

    I am going to make a new blog post today about the first 6 fill ups I’ve had with the car. I am getting really good gas mileage, my worst has been 30.1 mpg. I’m also going to list my first set of gripes about the car. They are small but if fixed in the future would make a better car.

  11. Guys – have same 2007 SI Sedan – Got the same popping noise coming out of CAR – Have had it into dealer 4 times – No help – Burt Kuni Honda of Denver- Last time they disassembled the left and right front struts – and “Oiled” them – Came home after waiting 3 days and STILL popping noise Heard 4 times in matter of 1 HR – very LOUD – We should see a Bulletin on this soon- This is going to WEAR something OUT.. Would believe its the SWAY BAR at this point – Since the Struts have been disassembled and checked.. More to come.. My email is greg [at] if you are having similar problems please email me..

  12. I suspect the 4 door sedan was not originally designed to be an Si. I believe it is 2″ longer than the coupe. It may just be that the car cannot handle thicker anti-sway bars.

    I wonder if anyone has modified a Civic Si Sedan by adding Suspension Techniques or Eibach ant-sway bars? If they still observe the pop sound then we can rule out my theory.

    Has anyone out there been successful at resolving the front suspension pop/bang sounds?

  13. Hey there

    Found your blog through a google search. I have the same car in galaxy gray… theres a lot of noise on the net about the 3rd gear issue, but i havent noticed it in mine yet. I have the front suspension pop sound too, whenever going over a moderate bump on one side. Is this something we really should be worried about? Whats the worst case scenario with a problem like that?
    Other than that one issue, I really love this car!

  14. One more thing… im at around 550 miles so far… babying the car a bit as per the manual, so i havent really opened it up yet. Is there anything in particular you guys are doing in the break-in? As simple as the manual puts it, ive seen a lot of conflicting info on the net.

  15. I am not too worried about the sound. I think if the sound was coupled with other feedback such as a shake in the car or a steering wheel jerk then I would be concerned. I think the problem is with the front anti-sway bar, but I have no way of proving my theory. I do know none of the other Civic Sedans have these sorts of complaints and the front sway bar in the Si is bigger than in the other Civic Sedan models. I would like to see if Honda comes up with some sort of solution to or explanation of the problem though.

    To break the car in, I suggest driving it how you plan to drive it. That is of course unless you plan on red-lining the car at every green light, then I would say you may want to baby the car for the first 1-2k. I’ve only red-lined the car twice so far, there is plenty of fun driving her in the 3-6,000k rpm range. I wouldn’t consider 6,000 rpm as a dangerous rpm for breaking in the engine.

  16. Greg Hanchin again here – Honda just replaced both Front Sruts on my 07 Sedan SI- Heard POPPIING noise again – URRGGHH – So its not the Struts.. Taking it back for the 6th time in 7 weeks.. more to come..

  17. Thanks for the update Greg. We’re all eagerly waiting to find out what’s up!

    I herd the pop again in my civic yesterday driving to the store. Unfortunately, I was rushing to the store to buy tomato juice to wash skunk smell off the dog. I made it to the store and back in record time though. 🙂

  18. if you want to resolve the 3rd gear issues switch to amsoil manual synchromesh. you will not believe the difference it makes.

    i put this in my 2007 si sedan at 4k miles and also changed the engine oil over to amsoil series 2000 0w-30.

    you would have to try the tranny fluid yourself to believe it, my tranny shifts like butter.

  19. Hey!

    I just bought a 2007 silver 2 door si and have the same problems! The car aready has about 700 miles and have experienced the 3 gear problem once. I also hear the pop noise in the left front suspension once in a while when i hit a bumb. I dont know if I should have it checked out by he dealer. But other than that I love this car!

  20. Hi “Si”anzzz,

    I have had my metallic grey – SI for almost 6 months now. I was not pushing it till I put in about 5K miles on it. Now I have started to push the rpm till 6k, most of the time changing the gear at 5K.

    Last couple of weeks I have been hearing this clicking noise from left suspension when ever the left tire hits a bump. Initially I thougt something was wrong with my left break assemble, since I have had tires sliping/draging problem while hard-breaking on uneven roads (meaning patched segments of road) some time the left tire skids!! I could feel it on my break pedal!! Dono if anyone has expenience it. I did take my SI to the dealer couple of times.. and they couldn’t replicate the clicking issue/noise while they test drove my car.

    I am eagerly waiting to find out from “Greg”.

    I dont have the 3rd gear shift problem, but I have started to notice 2nd gear shift problem when I push my car rpm till 4 or 5K.

    Apart from all the above I really love my car, the style and the feel.

    I have been searching for a site to find the issue. This one is a good blog site. Thanks for your posting guys.


  21. I just got my silver si sedan last sunday and it’s already got about 500 miles on it…i wanna baby it more and not drive it so much but i can’t help it! It handles awesome on the curves of the sunset strip and driving up and down pch to rediscover the area has been a dream. Unfortunately my gas milage hasn’t been as great…getting about 24 mpg…but i’m hoping that’s because of the stop and go traffic that is typical of LA. Does anyone know where I could activate the XM radio aftermarket instead of going to the dealer? They want like $500 just for labor…but yeah…just wondering…

  22. Hey Andrew,

    The worst gas mileage I’ve recorded with my car has been 27 mpg. The first 2 months I was getting just over 30mpg consistently, but at the time I was driving mostly highway miles to/from work. I’ve been shifting into 6th gear when I’m cruising at 45mph. When I’m in a 35mph zone that is not too hilly I’ll cruise about in 5th gear. You definitely need to shift down if you want to accelerate but on the flip side I’m getting 27mpg driving around town. I am sure most Si drivers lay rubber every chance they get, and if that is the case for you then I wouldn’t complain about getting 24mpg.

    I listened to an episode of Car Talk last spring, they had a caller ask about gas mileage when driving manual. They went on for about 10 minutes talking about all the factors that could be effecting gas mileage. The two biggest they agreed on was using the engine/transmission to stop the car (down shifting into stops rather than using the brakes) and not shifting soon enough. As far as I am concerned, down shifting to slow the car down as an excuse to save your brakes is very stupid. A set of new rotors and pads is nothing compared to the cost of a new clutch. Down shifting in snow though is a pretty good idea, but that only happens on certain days in the winter depending where you live.

    If you have the Si with the Navigation System, all you need to do is find the radio id code for your satellite receiver and give that to XM to activate it. I have a feeling you got an Si like mine though, no navi system. I know the dealer tried to sell me the XM radio for the Si without nav. You are better off getting a portable Roady model and throwing the antenna on the dashboard somewhere than investing money in a stock unit. With a Roady model, you can get a home kit and use the same XM account on your home stereo, with a boom box when you go camping, etc… You can either use the aux input jack in your Si or use the FM Broadcaster built into the XM Roady.

    Now if you already paid for the XM receiver for your non Si Navigation system, you just need to get the radio id code from the receiver and give that to XM to activate the account. With my old Roady II model, you could look up the radio code from the LCD menu. Let me know if this information helps you out.

  23. Hello everyone I am a fellow 07 civic si Sedan owner and man does this car feel great. I love the ride and the way it takes the corners.

    I have not heard any popping from my suspension yet since I just got it two days ago and I hope that I don’t but I did notice that my 3rd gear was kind of notchy like some have said, I felt like it engaged but when I let the clutch go it grinded. I hope the fix of changing the tranny oil fixes the problem.

    Overall I am happy with the car. 🙂

  24. I have a Sedan SI w/Nav, I have had a problem with the included subwoofer. It doesn’t perform like it should in my approximation. I have a couple of friends, one has a 2 dr Si the other a EX. Both of their subwoofers really beat compared to mine. Has anyone experienced this or have any knowledge of it?


  25. I have a 2007 Sedan SI and also experience the 3rd gear issue. I have not taken it in yet for this but am thinking I probably should. Maybe I’ll do it when in need of the first oil change. Has anyone took their SI to the dealer for the 3rd gear issue? If so, what did they say/do?

  26. Proud Honda Owner..I have had a 2000 civic ex, 2000 Honda lx V6, and I currently own a 2007 Civic si Coupe…I TOO HAVE THE 3rd GEAR AND THE POPPING CLICKING SOUND WHEN TURING DOWN SLIGHT INCLINES…the 3rd gear like alot say feels likes its in and grinds as i let the clutch out..

    Any suggestions or anyone with similar problems email me at

    amancini (at)

  27. The only sound I notice from my si, is the wonderful engine sound when I get between 6000 and 8000 RPM while I’m blowing past most cars.
    This car is awsome. I get stairs from Beemer and Audi owners when I downshift to 3rd at 60 and zip past them on the highway. Honda did this car justice!!!

  28. Bought my 07 4dr si 8 months ago. 20,000 miles on it so far, only complaint is that the clutch feels like it sticks between 5th &6th gear. only happens occasionally. question .is it ok to use reg. unleaded gas ,or is prem.the only way to go?

  29. I HAVE THE SAME THIRD GEAR PROBLEM – Took my 2007 4door Si (only 4,000 miles) to dealer this morning – bad 3rd gear synchros!!!! They are going to take the tranny out today and make sure there isnt anything else wrong with it. I’ll update if they find anything else.

    This is obviously covered under warranty, so ALL OF YOU THAT ARE EXPERIENCING THIS 3RD GEAR PROBLEM NEED TO TAKE YOUR CARS TO THE DEALER AND HAVE IT LOOKED AT!! Do not accept this as, “its just the way the car is made”, we need you all go take your cars to the dealer so that it can be recalled or at least a bulletin can be made.

  30. i have a 07 civic si coupe hfp…in regards to the clicking noise while turning, is a strut problem…this is a common problem with the si…if you take it up to the honda dealership they will warranty it…also after driving your car about 10000 miles or so your shifter box will seem like it has become loose…this is due to the breaking in of your gear box bushings…this is normal…make sure you drive your car about 2000 miles before you take the car any higher than 4500 rpms this rpm range is where your low cam vtec engages…proper break in will make a car much faster than not breaking it in…

  31. The Si has my sprung. Over the past 8 months, I have had the most bittersweet nightmare ever. In late march of this year, I bought a rallye red Si w/nav. I traded my 2003 4Runner that had 70k miles on it and NO problems. Due to the dealer not giving me a satisfying trade amount (everyone knows 4runners hold there value) along with being an avid Toyota fan, I was reluctant to go to a Honda. However I wanted something new and sporty….we all know Toyota is currently lacking the latter (not so true…read on). So shortly after falling quite in love with the new si, I just with it. In the first 6 months I put 17k miles on it. Also in those 6 months the car was in the shop 5 times. For various things to include getting the nav replaced TWICE, the knocking strut, an interior trunk release malfunction, a security system malfunction, third gear problems, door weather stripping (falling off) problems, and rear camber issues. The rear camber issue is something that I was told by service that “honda does not have a fix for” yet. My rear tires at this point, were almost bald on the inside so I took the car back and they put new tires on the rear at no cost to me, and warned me not to rotate my tires because they are just going to keep replacing the rear tires until “Honda has a fix” for the “un-common” problem. This was 2 months ago, and at that point i decided to sell the car. Simple enough right? Wrong. Okay so it sounds weird to say it but….this Honda had me by the balls. I looked at all kinds of cars but when I took the Si to trade it in, and I test drove something else, it felt like shit compared to my Si. So I decided to just buy something else and stop driving the honda all togetehr w/o trading it in (I figured I would save money by selling it outright as well, as opposed to trading it and getting shafted again). So there I was back at Toyota. And what do you think I saw in the showroom, first thing as I walk through the door? A 2007 X-Runner, in the same kind of red as my Si. Ok guys this truck, is a beast. It is strange how I can love this truck, that is SO completely opposite (torque? what’s that?…..oh THATS torque..) of the honda, for all the same reasons as I like the honda. So I bought it. And do you think I sold the honda as a result? No. I can’t. I would like to say im trying, but i don’t even wanna try. And for the cherry on top, my XRunner needed the rear differential replaced at 1700 miles. And do you think i planning on selling that one? Hell no. So now I am paying $850 a month for 2 new cars and insurance. It SUCKS that I am paying 3 times as much then i was with my 4runner…but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Moral to the story….I love my honda, despite all the drama. I LOVE my honda.

  32. I over herd family members that work for GM/Chrysler last Christmas talk about how Toyota, Honda and Nissan have had more recalls than the Big Three in Detroit. I think it is safe to say they are right.

    What Honda is doing with their cars lately opens them up for the bad reputation that we’re reporting on this particular Civic Si Sedan. This will reflect on Honda’s whole line of cars. But I have to still give Honda some credit for taking a chance. A lot of cars in the same class don’t evolve like this. If you look at the suspension system used in the Cavalier, vs the Cobalt, you’re not going to find too much has changed.

    There is something to be said with sticking with what works as well. I think that is why my last car, a 2000 Civic, was such a great car and was so dependable. The parts were refined over many years of production.

    Honda put the current Si together based on our feedback of what we wanted in a sporty sub compact. The reality now is, we have to be patient for Honda to iron out all of the issues that never existed in cars of this class before now.

    With that said, the third gear problem on my Si is starting to become a real issue. It seems that the colder the weather gets here in Ohio the harder it is to get into 3rd gear. I’ve started to over accelerate in 2nd and skip right into 4th. I am going to schedule an appointment and try to get the local dealer to fix it. I’ll keep everyone posted on the situation.

    I too love my Honda Si, I just want everything to work as it’s supposed to. 🙂

  33. Hi all, I have a white 2007 Civic Si Coupe that was experiencing the popping noise described above, and is experiencing the 3rd gear shifting issue.

    I had some issues with my dealership giving me the run around and some fairly poor service with previous vehicles, and when American Honda called to do a customer service survey, I let them have it. Needless to say, I got a call from my dealership about two days later, and got the car scheduled for the service bulletin repair, and it seems to have fixed it.

    I called this AM about the transmission, and will be taking it in for the oil drain/fill soon. Hopefully this fixes it.

    To Grag Hanchin of Denver… Try Planet Honda down in Golden, Col. they know how to fix it now.

    Cheers, will let y’all know how the oil in the tranny works.

  34. Hi. I am really interested in getting the Si, but I’m debating between the 2 and 4 door. Obviously the 2 door is sportier, but what do you all think as for looks? 2 door or 4 door?
    Also, when you have the car in 5th gear, at what mph do the revs go above the 2 margin?
    As for 6th gear, what’s the difference between 5th and 6th? I ask because I’m use to 5 speed cars rather thank 6. It’s crazy, now the Lexus F is going to have 8 speeds!

  35. 2 door styling is more aggressive than the 4 door. I think it is mean to be that way. I know personally I don’t care for the bling, I just want the performance and the car to look good. I’m sure most 4 door Si buyers think along the same lines, as they’re most likely previous Civic owners who want a sportier Civic with the ability to handle a couple kids in the future or take a group of co-workers to Chipotle for lunch easily.

    You may want to look at other brands and models if your considering sporty 4 doors. The Subaru WRX’s come in 4 doors and wagons and they look pretty sweet. I have a friend who owns one, he swears by the car. The Dodge Caliber SRT4 (wagon) is a pretty nice looking ride and man it is jam packed with torque and horse power and includes a 6 speed tranny to boot. I’m no Nissan or Mazda fan but the Sentra Spec-V (sedan) and Mazdaspeed (wagon) are pretty good looking cars as well.

    If I was buying a new car this year, I would definitely test drive the new WRX and the Caliber SRT4.

    I can’t recall for sure, but I think you can get the engine to 2,000 rpm in 5th gear at about 42 mph. On the flip side, you can keep the car in 1st gear up to about 35-40 mph. For normal driving I don’t think a 6 speed transmission is ideal, but if you’re a car guy/gal it sure is a lot of fun. It is a bit more forgiving if you pick the wrong gear, e.g. going 30 mph, you can pick 1-5th without causing any real damage.

    The ratios in a 6 speed transmission don’t line up with a 5 speed. Gears 1 and 6 in a 6 speed are close to the same ratio as gears 1 and 5 in a five speed. I think the Lexus F is an automatic transmission, that would be way out of hand for a manual transmission. The more gears the transmission has, the smaller the RPM range your engine has to maintain during acceleration.

    This is one downfall with Honda’s and most other small engines, they deliver peak power/torque near to or at red line. The fix is to keep the engine at 5,500-8,000 rpm when accelerating. The style of driving a V-Tech engine is very similar to that of driving a car with a Turbo; ride the clutch at the launch, then shift like mad. The advantage; don’t ride the clutch, shift earlier than normal and watch your miles per gallon go up!

    On the flip side, the V8 engines which offer high torque and hp over a wider rpm range are becoming less relevant since a smaller engine can provide the same power to the wheels with the combination of a more modern transmission utilizing the engine’s narrower rpm range. The Mustang’s and the soon to be released Camaro’s are catering to those who want to re-live the glory days of the V8. I think that’s great, but cylinders don’t equal faster now days.

    I’m glad to see Dodge make a great performer in the sub compact market. GM has the engineering to make some sweet small cars, they just don’t (at least not on a consistent manor to build a reputation). I’m not sure what Ford is doing with the sub compact market either, they own Mazda so that may be their answer is don’t compete with one of their own brands.

  36. My wife has a black 07 si. Love the car for the most part. I normally drive a 4×4 truck, so the Si feels really low and sporty when I drive it.
    Clicking in front : no
    3>4th notching: Yes.
    Here is my question for you guys: Does your sub really do much? Hers has decent bass, but the other day I was curious so I cranked it up and then rolled the subwoofer all the way out and there was no difference. Anyone ever seen the same thing?
    When it goes in for its first service, I will address the 3>4 issue, and was wondering if my sub is even working, or if it is just a REALLY weak setup.

  37. I got exactly the color you got haha ^^. I am getting my AEM Short Arm Intake on Monday.. can’t wait!!!! I was trying to install High density bulbs for my low beams.. Driver side was easy but passenger side was a !@#$% to install.

    Anyways welcome to th Si Fam!!!
    from NJ

  38. hey guys, i was having the same 3rd gear issue. basically there was a recall on the original tranny fluid. the first fluid was not a thick enough substance which didnt provide enough lubricant. it can be fixed with a quick flush and them giving you the new oil. i got mine done about a week ago and everything has been smooth. this is a known issue and they do cover i under warranty

  39. hey guys, i have an 07 coupe, not an si unfortunetly. have had a few problems but love the car, im thinking about buying an 08 si this summer. have had a clunking noise passenger side trunk. it sounds like something banging around in the trunk over sharp bumps. honda is replacing the bushing, strut and shock. we’ll see if it works. also my clutch pedal makes noise in hot weather, like a bending spring or metal on metal. i was told it was a leaking clutch cylinder and it was replaced. but i still get the noise on warm or hot days? smooth as butter on cool days though. lots of little rattles w this car but its fun to drive the 5 speed, im sure the si is a blast!

  40. Hey guys, I have an 07 si coupe and at 10,000 miles I am replacing the clutch. I have found on another website a bunch of others who have encountered the same problem. Dealerships are saying it looks as though the clutch has been riden. This is not my first manual, I had a 95 EX, a Prelude and a 96 Integra GSR, all manuals. Never had a clutch problem with them so I have a hard time believing that I caused this! Have any of you heard anything? Also, I had the 3rd gear grinding issue. I never had it looked at and I’m not sure if maybe I had could I have avoided this clutch issue? Thanks for any help!

  41. Just learned today that my 2007 si 4 door with 18,000 has a totally destroyed clutch not covered under the extended warranty. They say it is from “extreme” use! The car belongs to my “drives like an old lady” wife who has had 3 manual shift Saabs each that went over 200,000 miles without a breath about the clutches. Needless to say, we are very dissapointed in the car. We both experienced the hanging throttle syndrome I’m reading about now as well as the clunky 3rd gear. The car seemes to be designed to keep the rpms high, thereby adding additional stress to each shift. Thus the “extreme” usage is built in. The universally clunky gear just sounds like a design flaw that evidently you can have fixed if still in warranty. Probably the lousiest thing is that the dealership acts like they have never heard of this and really aren’t very conversant about how a clutch can burn out in 18,000 miles under normal use. They had no suggestions on how to have prevented this. They lost a valuable customer (would still be buying Saabs if they were made in Sweden).

  42. Hello,
    I have about 17,000 miles on my black si 4 door.(07). I had the 3rd gear problem. I took it in to be serviced and they changed the tranny fluid out. It solved the problem. About 3 weeks later I heard a whine on my way to work. I took my civic in to be serviced and it broke down before I could get to the dealership. Had it towed in and they told me the tranny was fried. Funnny thing was the same day another si had the exact same problem and needed the exact same repairs(from what my service rep said).It has now been 13 days and I still don’t know when my car will be fixed.
    don’t wait for the problem to “go away” get your cars in now!

  43. I WANT AN SI SOOO BAD! Right now I’m driving a 96 Integra Special Edition. I’ve had it for a good five years…I think it’s time for something new. I was originally going to buy an RSX, but decided to get a Civic SI Sedan. I can’t wait. I’ve been looking into dealers and non of them have a blue sedan in stock, so they’re going to have to get it from the manufacturer. That’s gonna be like an extra $600. …But it’s totally worth it. I’m sure it is.

  44. I love my Si, that is for sure. I recently took the car into the dealer, they ordered both the replacement 3rd gear and replacement front bump stops. I have not herd of anyone with newer 2008 Si’s having these problems, it sounded like a manufacturer supply issue. There is one new feature in the 2008’s that is not in the 2006-07 models, I believe it’s the tire pressure monitoring. It is a federal mandated feature, wish I had it in my Si, be another nerdy thing to look at. 🙂

  45. I have a 2007 DX coupe 5 spd. Ive been having suspension problems as well. Since I brought it home! The rear was replaced with the newer part numbers. The front struts and bearings were replaced as were the bump stops and it still clunks. not Badly like many of you are mentioning, just taking off froom a stop and turning in either direction. Can someone tell me a little more about the anti sway bar problem? I really want to get all the information I possibly can so I can understand my problem. And possible cause would be welcomed as well. thanks

  46. 3rd GEAR ISSUE ANYONE?? For a while i thought this problem was me and not the car but i now know its the car if a good amount of people are haveing this problem. I took my car in once and they had a tech. drive it and to come back and say nothing is wrong??? what??? I am takeing my car to another dealership in less then a week and hope to hear that they see whats wrong and can fix it. ANYONE haveing this issue should go to there dealership while its under warrenty and get it fixed…ill let you guys know what they do.

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