Columbus, Ohio

Good bye XM Radio!

I decided a couple months ago I did not want to renew my XM subscription. I was not aware that the last time I renewed it enrolled me in their auto renewal program. So I called XM and just as my friend Mat told me about his dealings with XM Radio a few months ago, they tried to keep me signed up by giving me 3 free months. I didn’t buy into any of it and told them I wanted a refund.

They asked me why I was canceling service. I told them I never use it anymore since I no longer take frequent drives between Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.  If I go on a long trip, I package a set of podcasts to listen to rather than role the dice and hope that I find something interesting on XM Radio.

As far as I am concerned, XM radio needs to merge with Sirius. Once local stations start broadcasting with HD Radio, the only advantage satellite will have is being capable of keeping good reception between major cities. All the other advantages satellite radio had up until the past year are about to go out the window with the availability of streaming audio through cell phone Internet connections and Podcasts.

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