Updating XP and Vista to support WebDAV Web Folders from Apache – Patch KB907306

If you are familiar with WebDAV or even Subversion and use Windows XP/Vista, you will appreciate this tidbit of information. You can browse a WebDAV server in Windows XP and Vista using Windows Explorer. There is a problem though, Windows XP and Vista will try to use NTLM authentication (Active Directory) to authenticate with the […]

Quick .htaccess to list files in directory on apache web server

If your web server to supports .htaccess files and you can specify “Options” from within your .htaccess file, then the following is a quick 1 line solution to your file listing needs. So you just uploaded a tun of pictures to a web directory and you want a list of all the images.  Since the […]

Compiled Weekly

This week on CompiledWeekly, Angelo explains how to install, setup and use a Subversion revision control system.  Learn about the basic concepts and how to use TortoiseSVN from Windows Explorer. Check it out:

Subversion Repository Creation Script

I have been using Subversion (SVN) pretty heavily the past couple of weeks. I wanted a quick way to create a repository that included the standard trunk, branches and tags directories and set the correct owner and file permissions for the new repo. I came up with the following script. Please feel free to comment […]