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Presenting at the 2023 AWS Summit – Washington, DC

AWS Summit 2023 Washington, DC - Dev101 - First NodeJS Lambda Function using VS-Code - Angelo-Mandato

I am excited to announce I will be presenting at the 2023 AWS Summit Washington, DC. The AWS DC Summit takes place on June 7-8, 2023. This is a FREE event (excluding travel and lodging). Attendees will engage in interactive learning, network among industry leaders and AWS experts, engage with partners driving innovation, and more. I think of it as a baby re:Invent conference, which is the Superbowl of Cloud conferences!

Dev Chat: DEV101 – Building your first Lambda function in Node.js using VS Code

In this dev chat session, I will demonstrate how to create your first NodeJS Lambda function that pulls results from an API and stores them in S3. Time permitting, I will show how to format the results and put them in an email.

About this Session: Building your first Lambda function in Node.js using VS Code

Though this topic appears very basic, this is a typical use case for a Lambda function. The session is intended for users who are either new to NodeJS, Lambda and/or software development. Seasoned AWS developers will also learn valuable techniques and tips. Throughout the session I give advice and best practices – tips that will save time and prevent coding mistakes during development.

This dev chat uses the Cocktail Database API, specifically the “Lookup a random cocktail” API call and stores the result as a JSON file in S3.

AWS Services used:

  • Lambda
  • SSM (Parameter Store)
  • S3
  • SES

Within the NodeJS code, this session uses the aws-sdk (for SSM, S3, and SES) and axios to fetch a random cocktail.

Future Dev Chat Sessions

I plan on developing 2 other dev chat sessions to complement this one. The goal of the 3 part series is to show how to put various features together (server side found in this session, client side via a simple React website, and Infrastructure as Code) to create a easily managed, highly scalable and highly available website application that displays a random cocktail once a week.

The second topic in the series will cover how to create a React website that displays the results from the saved cocktail.json file saved in the S3 bucket (created by this session) with the command line example how to sync a static React build to an S3 website.

The third final dev chat in this series will cover the Infrascuture needed by building a CloudFormation that creates all of the resources needed for the website, including an EventBridge event that will run the Lambda function once a week.

Feedback and Questions

Please contact me if you have feedback or questions!

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