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Presenting at the 2024 AWS Summit – Washington, DC

AWS Summit 2023 Washington, DC - Dev101 - First NodeJS Lambda Function using VS-Code - Angelo-Mandato

I am excited to announce I will be presenting at the 2024 AWS Summit Washington, DC. The AWS DC Summit takes place on June 26-27, 2024. This is a FREE event (excluding travel and lodging). Attendees will engage in interactive learning, network among industry leaders and AWS experts, engage with partners driving innovation, and more.

Dev Chat: DEV206 – Create DEV, QA, and UAT environments using unique domain names

Take Dev, QA, and UAT environments to another level by using unique domain names for each environment. In this dev chat, walk through two environments organized by unique domain names, discover the benefits of using unique domain names for environments, and explore best practices. See examples that demonstrate how to use AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store with AWS CloudFormation to maintain separate serverless Lambda environments as well as traditional Amazon EC2 instances. Learn about typical costs, how you can achieve cost savings by organizing your environments by domain names, and how to right-size each environment.

About this Session: Create DEV, QA, and UAT environments using unique domain names

The concept of using a different domain name with extension for your lower environments is not new, I cannot claim to have come up with this concept. On the other hand, in this session I dive deep into the advantages, costs and lack there of associated with this technique, and give an example. The slides in PDF form as well as code samples used for the slides is available here:

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