Monthly Archives: May 2006

DUDE, I’m getting a Dell

Well, I made a decision and placed the order. I decided on the Dell Inspiron E1505. Many friends gave me wonderful input on the decision. My Fiancee gave me the last wise advice. I was playing with the idea of dropping the DVD writer option or the extra 512MB of memory for the faster Core […]

Laptop Research continued…

Well I am starting to look at 15.4″ laptops. A friend of mine suggested that a 17″ wide screen laptop has a huge disadvantage, its size. I am taking that into consideration, though I do like the idea of the screen being larger, which means more applications I can have open at the same time. […]

PHP Form image verification

If you are getting a lot of spam in your contact forms, check out the following image form verification. This is most likely the best image verification example that I have come across. There is one problem though, it is not vision accessible. So what I suggest, next to this image add a link ‘vision […]

Even GOD is spamming now!

This is the religious SPAM I got today. The Google SPAM filter did not catch: Greetings in the name of almighty God, I am Mrs. Vida Tommy Thompson, nationality of France (Paris). I am married to Mr. Tommy Thompson of united state who worked with Hiroshima Gas Company as consultancies/contractors in central Africa for twenty […]

Laptop Research

Just for kicks I decided to shop online for a new laptop. Though my current laptop is working perfectly fine, I have had it for over 3 years. Now is most likely the best time for me to buy a new laptop and sell my old one. First, I decided on some features to narrow […]

Acura RSX discontinued

If you really want an Acura RSX hurry to the Acura dealer and pick one up. From what I have been reading, you can pick one up relatively cheap too, since true car enthusiests like myself have decided the standard features in the new Si are worth not buying the RSX Type-S. Had they only […]