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Acura RSX discontinued

If you really want an Acura RSX hurry to the Acura dealer and pick one up. From what I have been reading, you can pick one up relatively cheap too, since true car enthusiests like myself have decided the standard features in the new Si are worth not buying the RSX Type-S. Had they only added the limited slip differential to the Type-S then I would have easily picked the RSX over the Si.

With the RSX gone, will they put the 160HP engine into next years Civic Ex models to fill the gap that the base RSX filled? How will sales shape up with the Si Sedan coming out this fall? Time will tell.

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  1. the rsx is better then the new civic si hands down it is faster and cost about the same but i do think the new si sedans r really nice looking but it is just a civic and its has no chance aganst the rsx so i think acura mad a huge mistake stoping the rsx becuse the rsx is capable of a lot and it is faster then most of the soloons the subaru ans mitsubichi made and fyi i drive an 05 rsx type s with about 400 hp

  2. There are a number of factors that make both cars pretty sweet cars. The Acura is a few pounds lighter and has a bit racier cam in the engine from what I understand, you got slightly more torque and hp than the Si, but something to keep in mind is they both share the same basic engine block design and some of the performance parts are interchangeable just like the Integra and the older Civic’s shared similar performance parts.

    I’m pretty happy with my 2007 Civic Si Sedan, and I can honestly say that the RSX would have never worked now that I have a baby in the house. The Civic Si Sedan fits the bill nicely for me, power, performance and I can haul kids around easily. 🙂 I just may be 1-2 seconds behind a well driven RSX is all.

  3. One thing i wish they added to the RSX’s is the limited slip differential. That was the only feature that is unique in the 2006+ Civic Si’s that’s not in any stock RSX.

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