Columbus, Ohio

Laptop Research

Just for kicks I decided to shop online for a new laptop. Though my current laptop is working perfectly fine, I have had it for over 3 years. Now is most likely the best time for me to buy a new laptop and sell my old one.

First, I decided on some features to narrow the search. I want my next laptop to have the same screen height as my existing 15″ screen. Since most laptops are now wide screen, I decided to look exclusively at 17″ wide screen notebooks. In addition, I expect integrated wireless G network card, a DVD Dual Layer writer, and at least 3 USB ports. The last requirement is that the processor is not a Celeron or Duron/Sempron.

If I were to buy a notebook computer today, I believe I would buy either the Toshiba or the HP. I have to admit the HP configured laptop is nearly identical to the Toshiba except for the system memory and slightly smaller hard drive. Those two features can be easily over looked if it saves $200, and it appears that it does. Now I have to compare the processors.

The Toshiba comes with an Intel Pentium M processor 760 and the HP comes with an AMD Turion 64 Mobile Processor ML-32. After a brief search on the web and analysis of the following link ( it appears the Toshiba is marginally faster in performance than the HP.

So what do you think, Toshiba or HP?

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