Columbus, Ohio

Laptop Research continued…

Well I am starting to look at 15.4″ laptops. A friend of mine suggested that a 17″ wide screen laptop has a huge disadvantage, its size. I am taking that into consideration, though I do like the idea of the screen being larger, which means more applications I can have open at the same time. But I want this machine to handle many functions and portability is one of them. I am taking his suggestion very seriously. In the process I have found 2 laptops in the 15.4″ size that are, in my opinion, just as powerful as the 17″ models I liked. The Dell Inspiron E1505 and the Acer Aspire AS5672WLMi. I have found the Aspire as cheap as $1,100 on both and When pricing out the Dell I get a price of just under $1,300. The Dell is slightly more configurable though. I am leaning to the Acer simply because I have had some bad experiences from Dell laptops.

What do you think, Acer or Dell?