Columbus, Ohio

Going to PodCamp Toronto This Weekend

I’m heading to PodCamp Toronto this weekend, I’m pretty pumped! I wanted to go last year but things didn’t quite work out with my schedule. This year though I’ll be there!


This will be the first PodCamp where I will not only be representing my company RawVoice/Blubrry and PodCamp Ohio but also my new Plugins WordPress plugins podcast.


So I just printed out directions, I’m looking at a 7 hour drive plus/minus traffic. so if you’re not doing anything tomorrow afternoon and you have my cell number, please give me a call I got some time to chat. 🙂

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  1. Have you taken into consideration our wonderful border? Canadians and Americans – we are supposed to be friends but crossing our common border is such a hassle both ways.
    If you are using the Fort Erie-Buffalo or Niagara Falls ON-Niagara Falls NY entrances then it will take you longer than the Detroit-Windsor or Port Huron-Sarnia entrances.

    Good luck

  2. I had no problem crossing over on Friday night at about 9pm using the Peace Bridge into Canada. On the way back on Sunday afternoon I took the Rainbow bridge and had no problems coming back through either.

    Unfortunately, I think the economy has eliminated a lot of the border traffic. Never the less I had no problems getting through customs with my passport.

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