Netflix on computer plus 50 DLP TV equals AWESOME

Netflix‘s recent announcement that customers can watch as many movies and TV shows on their PC recently motivated me to check out the online service. I have to say the service is AWESOME!

We recently purchased a new 50″ DLP HD TV which includes many inputs including VGA. So we hooked up a computer and away we went. In no time we were watching movies from on our big screen! The picture quality is excellent, I would have to say better quality than traditional cable. I would even go as far as say to say the quality is high enough that if Netflix offered all of their movies online, we wouldn’t even bother with the traditional movies by mail.

Future entertainment is going to move on-line. Live events will be streamed live and pre-recorded content will be released in the same fashion as podcasts. On demand services accessed through the Internet opens the doors of possibility that no Cable or Satellite service could match. I’m convinced Podcasting will be considered the pre-cursor to this New Media movement. I’m very excited to say I’m part of this revolution.

4 comments on "Netflix on computer plus 50 DLP TV equals AWESOME"

  1. Dave says:

    I have connected my computer to my tv (in bedroom) with a vga cable. It’s obviously more complex than just that. I need a detailed instruction on “setup” to make this worthwhile. I primarily want to use Netflix “Instant Watch” on my 32″ Vizio LCD HDTV. Thanks…..Dave

  2. Angelo says:

    Most likely you will need to find the remote to your TV and see how you can change the “source” of the video displayed. Also, the video cable will not transmit the audio to the TV, so you will need to get another adapter (available at radioshack) to convert stereo headphones to RCA jacks.

    Once you have both the audio and the video connected to your TV and your TV configured to use the correct “source” input, the last step you need to do is tell your laptop to send the video signal through your VGA port rather than your LCD screen. To do this on a Dell, hold down the Fn (Function) key and the F8 key. You may need to click this combination 2-3 times to get the laptop to switch over.

    Good luck,

  3. Bobby says:

    Hey Angelo,
    I’ve tried the vga from my computer ot a 73 inch dlp, everything switches over, but after I download the silverlight program it still won’t play. Do you have any pearls of wisdom. My wife keeps nagging me. Thanks

  4. Angelo says:

    I don’t know anything about silverlight, sorry.

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