Monthly Archives: July 2007

DRM Free music – It is hard to find new stuff

I got a iTunes gift certificate the other day and decided to buy some DRM Free music. For those who do not know, DRM is a type of protection that most sold music has embedded into the files so you are limited to how you can use them. In some cases, DRM protected music prevents […]

2007 Civic Si Sedan Clicky Knock Popping Noise While Turning in Front Suspension

It appears the clicky, knock, popping sounds in the front suspension of the 2007 Civic Si Sedans may have been solved. On the 18th, 4 days go, Honda announced a Service Bulletin on this very problem for other civic models. It does not include the 2007 Civic Si Sedans though. Since this problem is also […]

Excellent RMA service with Patriot Memory

Patriot Memory has very good RMA service. If you purchased Patriot Memory, rest assured your warranty will be honored. Link: I got 2 1GB PC2 5300 sticks of Patriot brand memory in late July of last year. Both sticks worked great, then in April of this year one stick went bad. Unfortunately for me, […]

Skunked out

Well, if you haven’t herd, Ty was sprayed by a skunk last night. The past 16 hours have been pretty rough on us. We were up till about 3am washing him with tomato juice. He likes the taste, but doesn’t like to wear it. Here is a post skunk picture of TY. You can see […]

Serious shortcomings with PHP5 get_headers() function

I was writing some code to find out if a file exists on a server and if it does, have it return the size in bytes.  I found a useful function built into PHP 5, get_headers().  For getting file sizes, it works flawlessly.  For situations where the file does not exist on the server, the […]

The house is wired!

I’m done, I finished wiring the house 2 nights ago and it feels great. Actually I am not finished, I still have 4 more open ports in the patch panel and the whole first floor. :-p Here’s a picture of my patch panel: A picture of my desk somewhat clean. This is a rare sighting!

Quick .htaccess to list files in directory on apache web server

If your web server to supports .htaccess files and you can specify “Options” from within your .htaccess file, then the following is a quick 1 line solution to your file listing needs. So you just uploaded a tun of pictures to a web directory and you want a list of all the images.  Since the […]

Wiring Up the house

I’ve been slowly wiring the house with Ethernet Cat5e and Coax RG-6 cabling. The evening of the 4th I finally ran cabling up to the attic and dropped the wires into the bedrooms. All the rooms now have coax cable ports. I’ve punched down 4 Ethernet in two of the important bedrooms. Sometime this weekend […]

Working at home and making lunch

So I am now working at home and it has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage so far is the food. Check out some of the things I’ve made for lunch. Club Sandwich, two layers of ham and turkey with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Hot Pepper Cheese Burger, yea it’s hot! Cheese Coneys, It’s […]

Save bandwidth and faster downloads with Apache mod_deflate

I’ve been auditing apache web logs from statistics gathered in AWStats. I found 6 different IP addresses that are using a lot of the servers bandwidth. After looking at the logs, I discovered one of the IP addresses was a spammer and the rest are from web robots or bots. One bot used over 2.5GB […]