Monthly Archives: April 2007

2007 Civic Si Sedan – OH YEA!

I got the car! All I have to say is, it’s awesome! I contacted just about every Honda dealer between Cleveland to Cincinnati and most gave me great quotes and were up front about fees and other information. I did encounter a couple dealers that had the typical dealer language and price talk. I am […]

Good bye XM Radio!

I decided a couple months ago I did not want to renew my XM subscription. I was not aware that the last time I renewed it enrolled me in their auto renewal program. So I called XM and just as my friend Mat told me about his dealings with XM Radio a few months ago, […]

Shopping for a new car

I have been eyeing the latest generation of Honda Civics for about 4 years now. I have been a car enthusiest for years but I never considered newer low clost cars as being sporty or fun to drive. By accident I bought a 2 door civic EX in 2000 and within a year of learing […]

A Sundae Milk Shake on Friday

We finally broke out the Shake Mixer since the move to the new house. Boy does it make great Oreo shakes!

Universal Extractor – Extract files from unknown compressed formats

Just used this to extract a file that WinZip, 7-zip and IZArc couldn’t extract. Pretty nifty tool and free! Uniextract

Reinstall Dreamweaver 8 with different Product Key/Serial

We got upgrade copies of Dreamweaver 8 at work recently, which meant I could free up my personal copy of DW8 I installed at work. After trying to uninstall and reinstall, I quickly found there was no easy way to change the product key. After many many attempts, I came up with a procedure in […]

Test configuration before restarting Apache

Have you ever made a lot of changes to your apache conf files on your web server that you were worried that the changes may result in apache not restarting? I know I have. There is a way to check your changes before you restart the running service. cmd: httpd -t # or /usr/sbin/httpd -t […]

Subversion Repository Creation Script

I have been using Subversion (SVN) pretty heavily the past couple of weeks. I wanted a quick way to create a repository that included the standard trunk, branches and tags directories and set the correct owner and file permissions for the new repo. I came up with the following script. Please feel free to comment […]