Monthly Archives: February 2006

SMTP server relay for Windows NT/2000/XP

I do a lot of development on computers that use different smtp servers when in beta and production. I also need to change my smtp settings in my E-mail client often when I travel. I found a solution to both problems, X-Ray Mail Assistant. X-ray lets you setup a Windows service that becomes an SMTP/POP […]

Reformatted and ready to go

I was having problems with my desktop computer the past couple of weeks ever since I installed the IE 7 beta 2. I think that is the problem but who knows I install and uninstall so many programs to test I can’t be certain. But I do know that was the only program that was […]

Burn your image with ImgBurn

Here’s another useful tool if you need a program to burn images. imgburn I used Nero to burn my image so I did not get to test this software.

Update your Windows XP installation CD

I decided to format my machine and install Windows XP fresh. I decided I wanted to update my XP cd so that it had service pack 2 (slipstream) and my Sis 3112 SATA drivers installed. I spent a few hours trying to edit the appropriate files and finally ended up utilizing nLite. nLite blew me […]

2007 Civic Si Sedan

Si will be available as a Sedan! I have herd this rumor for a few months now and now it is a reality. I wonder which plant they will produce the Sedan in. Currently, all Coupes are made in a plant in Canada, while all Sedans are made near Marysville, Ohio. If they make the […]

Podalyzer, stats for your podcasts

If you are looking for a nice solution to create specific stats on your podcasts, check out podalyzer: hexten dot net slash podalyzer You will need a fairly up to date setup of Perl to utilize podalyzer. I ran some tests and found it is excellent for making stats from your mp3s. I did have […]

Creating PDF reports with PHP

If you have found yourself developing a web site that requires printable reports, then you will love this blog entry. A year ago I created a PDF reporting system that used the HTMLtoPDF library. This is a great HTMLtoPDF converter. It utilizes Ghostscript and a few other nifty Perl scripts to generate the PDFs. The […]

IE7 beta 2, it’s not ready

I installed and played with the new IE7 beta 2 and I was impressed by some features they were able to copy from Firefox and Opera but I was turned off once I noticed how it broke a lot of my existing software. Basically, Nero and Yahoo Messenger became unstable during the install of IE7. […]