Columbus, Ohio

Reformatted and ready to go

I was having problems with my desktop computer the past couple of weeks ever since I installed the IE 7 beta 2. I think that is the problem but who knows I install and uninstall so many programs to test I can’t be certain. But I do know that was the only program that was almost impossible to uninstall so I will blame IE 7 beta 2. 🙂

I must share how easy it was for me to restore the important programs on my system. Mainly, Trillian, Firefox and Thunderbird. With Firefox, I like to start out from scratch, all I copied over was the bookmarks.html. Thunderbird, I copied the entire Thunderbird directory in the Application Data folder, then installed Thunderbird and I Was good to go. Trillilan, well that took a couple steps but I got Trillian up and running in no time too.

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