Columbus, Ohio

Baby Room is Ready!

The baby room is ready! We finished off the room with a cherry finished baby crib and changing table. We were fortunate to find the perfect brown comforter for the twin bed. Everything ties together very nicely.

The next item on our list for the room is a cherry finished dresser. Does Ikea sell cherry finished furnature?

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  1. HI Angelo and Heather!
    I love your baby room!!! The colors are soothing – just right for the baby. Looking forward to january and baby pictures! Yea! Love Renee

  2. This room doubled as the guest room. Since about 3 months after Melanie was born we moved the bed into a different room.

  3. What color green and paint brand did you use? I like this color and it looks great with theme you used, which is also the theme we are using. Thanks.

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