baby Home News

Melanie got a Sandbox!

Melanie got a new sandbox! We were going to get the green Turtle Sandbox (I remember having one when I was young) but found this red Clam held twice as much sand! The sandbox barely fit in Heather’s Prius, luckily it did fit! It can hold up to 6 – 50lb bags of sand (The green turtle sandbox holds 3 – 50lb bags).

Heather had the great idea of putting the sandbox on the deck that way he sand doesn’t kill the grass.

For those who may be concerned about animals using the sandbox, it also came with a lid. 🙂


Baby Room is Ready!

The baby room is ready! We finished off the room with a cherry finished baby crib and changing table. We were fortunate to find the perfect brown comforter for the twin bed. Everything ties together very nicely.

The next item on our list for the room is a cherry finished dresser. Does Ikea sell cherry finished furnature?