Columbus, Ohio

Quesadillas for Dinner – Not Bad

We got a quesadilla maker as a wedding gift. We made some earlier in the year but this was the first time we got the ingredients to make good ones. How do they look?


This was the first time I tried rice from a can. It was horrible and will never be doing that again. Next time I’ll take the time consuming route when making the rice.

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  1. Hey dude, we probably have the same quesadilla maker! We got it from my wife’s grandma as a gift and love it! As for rice, skip the can and look for the box Mexican rice that requires you to add tomatoes. I don’t know the brand but it tastes pretty good. It comes with the rice and a powder mix but you have to buy a tomato, chop it up and throw it in too. I think it’s the best Mexican rice short of making it from scratch.

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