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Winter Chex Mix – All I can say is WOW!

Winter Chex MixI did some shopping for Thanksgiving last Thursday and came across a display of a new Winter Chex Mix that contains a variety of coco flavored snacks mixed together. All I can say is WOW!!! This has to be the most delicious snack I’ve ever randomly tried. And I try a lot of these new snacks that float on the ends of the isles.

Looking at a random portion from the bag, there are about a dozen tiny marshmallows blended with 10-15 coco flavored corn/wheat chex, pretzels, vanilla bread stick and, my favorite, yogurt covered chex.

Sample of Winter Chex Mix

This stuff is awesome. I am going back to the store and picking up a half dozen more of these Holiday Chex Mix bags. Anyone visiting over for the holidays is in for a surprise this year!

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  1. Bought it, tried it and it is freakin’ good! When you look at the random mixture of stuff in it, you think it’s going to be gross. But it’s not, it’s yummy.

  2. Where are you finding this? I had been told it was available at Supercenter WalMart, but not in our town! I tasted it this past week at work – someone had bought a whole case last year in another town.

  3. I found them at the Giant Eagle (Grocery chain based from Pittsburgh) here in Columbus, on the corner of Sawmill and Bethel Road. They were at the far end of the freezer section stacked from the floor in the original crate boxes. I did not find this product at the WalMart located across the street.

    You can never count on Super Wal-Mart, especially for Groceries. They are so inconsistent it’s not even funny. I’ve been to Super Wal-marts on the south side of Columbus and found better variety of Mexican foods and Bubba brand Jalapeno Burgers, but not on the north side of town where I now live. WalMart is not aware that customers don’t shop like computers.

    Go to a Krogers/Food Lion/Frys or a local grocery chain, or even K-mart. I bet you’ll find it.

    I picked up 4 more bags the other day. They were a big hit on Thanksgiving. Hopefully you can find them.

  4. I found it at the Super Wal-Mart here in Utah. They actually had a ton of it. I’ve seen it at most of the other major grocery stores too. Good luck hunting!

  5. Hi! I love this stuff and cant find it anywhere. I live in Illinois anyone know whereI can find some?

  6. I buy winter chex mix every year!!! This year it was sold out befor I could get any!!!! I was so disappointed!!!! I look forward 2 it every year !!!! It’s the best ever!!! I wish it were sold all year long!!! I think it would sell off shelves every day 🙂

  7. Yummy, yes indeed. However, the itsy bitsy tiny micro-mini marshmallows make for a huge downer. They should be a more user-friendly shape, so you can actually pick em up with other pieces of cereal. They,(mini mashmallows) just fall further down to the bottom of the bowl leaving you with, what, a pile of minis one could only tip up the snack bowl to your face to eat em. Again, yummy, you bet! Micro-miniature pieces of marshmallow under your fingernails? Downer, just a downer.

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