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Source for Lighttpd mod_redirect rewrite module to use status code 302

Lighttpd web server, also known as Lighty, is an excellent web server and has potential to replace Apache web server.  I am slowly migrating web sites that use feature specific settings in Apache to use Lighty.  A few months ago I ran into a problem with Lighty’s ModRewrite alternative for rewriting URLs.  Lighty uses two separate modules to handle internal rewrites and Location: redirects.  It uses the common HTTP 301 Moved Permanently status code.  For most circumstances, this works well but in some cases the application may require that the redirect only be temporary and return the HTTP 302 Found status code.  Instead of modifying the mod_redirect.c source and changing the http_status code value from 302 to 301, I added new code to support a new url.redirect parameter url.redirect-found.

I’ve posted the source to the Lighttpd bug tracking system in hopes it will be added to a future version of Lighty.

This addition should help the Lighty web server to be capable of handling the appropriate HTTP status codes for all situations that may arise for the web site in question.

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