Columbus, Ohio

Wiring up the house

I started working on wiring up the house. I don’t have much time lately to actually run the wiring, but I did get a couple hours last weekend to build a rack for my network cabling.

I got some wood at Lowes pre-cut. I got 2 1x10x48″ and 1 1x10x72″ lumber, 1 5/8″ drywall screws, and 6 bolts with nuts and washers. I cut drilled 3 holes 3/4″ from the top of each of the 48″ pieces. Each hole is 3″ apart with the center at the center of the lumber. I then cut the 72″ board 4 times giving me 4 pieces each 17-13/16″ in length (the width between the outsides of 2 joist. I drilled the same holes into the joist to mount the vertical portions of the shelf. Then I placed the smaller boards as shelves where I wanted them. I turned the 4th shelf into a backing between the 2nd and 3rd shelf so I had a surface to mount my mini patch panel.