Columbus, Ohio

Deep Frying the New Year!

So we got a deep fryer for Christmas, and today we bought some food to cook in it. Oh boy, let me tell you it is awesome! Here are the results:

  • Shoestring French fries (Giant Eagle brand) – Good.
  • Onion Rings (Giant Eagle Brand) – Not Bad.
  • Mozzarella sticks (Giant Eagle Brand) – Awesome!
  • Strips of Chicken with hacked together breading – Good.

Initial test results confirm, fried food tastes better than other cooking methods. We used Canola oil but I don’t think it really matters, this is a really bad way to eat.

If you are wondering, the hacked together breading was based on a quick search Heather did on the Internet and we improvised where necessary. We took 1 egg and roughly 1/4 cup milk and whisked into a bowl. We took flower and pepper and mixed into a second bowl. We then took 1/2 stack of Ritz crackers, dash of onion powder, 2 dashes of garlic powder, and 4 dashes of season salt in a 3rd bowl for our breading. First we dipped the strips of chicken in the flower, then the egg mixture, and finished with a role in the breading before dropping into the fryer. The first batch we cooked for 6 minutes and was a little over done so we cooked the second batch at 5 1/2 minutes and again it was still a little over done. The next time we try this we will most likely try 5 minutes and look for a replacement for the Ritz crackers.