Monthly Archives: February 2009

PodCamp Toronto Recap

I had a lot of fun at PodCamp Toronto! Made lots of connections and got to meet a lot of on-line friends including Whitney Hoffman of the LD Podcast. The PodCamp Toronto organizers did an excellent job putting on what I observed as a perfectly executed PodCamp. For me, one sponsor stood out during the […]

Who Does Melanie Look Like?

When Melanie was first born I thought she looked a lot like me, especially around the eyes. But Angelo’s mom sent us some of his baby pictures this weekend, and I must say Melanie looks a lot like him! I scanned the pictures today, so we can do a comparison! I’ll have to search around […]

Going to PodCamp Toronto This Weekend

I’m heading to PodCamp Toronto this weekend, I’m pretty pumped! I wanted to go last year but things didn’t quite work out with my schedule. This year though I’ll be there! Link: This will be the first PodCamp where I will not only be representing my company RawVoice/Blubrry and PodCamp Ohio but also my […]

Microsoft SPAM Unsubscribe Requires MS Passport

So I keep getting emails from Microsoft and today I decided to unsubscribe. When I click the unsubscribe link, I am directed to a Microsoft Passport sign in page. I then surfed around the site and came across this page: Which in any of the three options, requires me to sign into my Microsoft […]

Infantino Euro Rider Baby Carrier

I wanted to try on the Infantino EuroRider baby carrier I received.  It took me a while to figure out and adjust the straps that position it correctly on my torso. It says to just pull on a loose strap to adjust, but it is a little more complicated than that.  I won’t have to […]

We Received Our US Passports

Today Angelo and I received our U.S. Passport Books. We applied on January 23, so they only took a few weeks to arrive. We decided to get the books rather than the passport cards since the cards are only valid for Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. With the passport books we can go anywhere! […]

First-Month Doctor Visit

Well, in the previous post Melanie was actually 4 weeks old, and yesterday she was 1 calendar month old. 🙂  Today we had another doctor visit. She is 10 pounds, 7 ounces now. And my wrists are feeling the additional weight! They have been hurting the past few days from holding her while nursing. The […]

1 Month Old!

Melanie is 1 month old today! If you haven’t noticed already, I added an ‘Age Ticker’ to the blog so we can easily keep track of how old she is. Monday we had our first outing with Melanie, (besides the doctor visit a few weeks ago). We went to Skyline and then to Babies R […]