Monthly Archives: June 2007

Idiocracy Plants Crave Electrolytes T-shirt

I saw the movie Idiocracy and I can’t get the phrase “It’s what plants crave” out of my head. Now I want the T-shirt! This is the best one I’ve found: Cafepress BRAWNDO Dark T-Shirt Here are two others that are cool, but are missing the ‘what plants crave’ text. VintageCotton BRAWNDO CultClassicTs BRAWNDO By […]

Monitor Verizon Wireless minutes usage in Firefox

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer and use Firefox, check out the Verizon Minutes Used Firefox Extension. I was looking for a Google start page widget to monitor my Verizon Wireless minutes usage but stumbled upon this Firefox add-on. This Firefox addon works great! I have it configured to 0nly display the peak minute […]

Freeware CD/DVD burning application – InfraRecorder

If you are looking for a full featured and simple to use CD/DVD burning application, look no further. Check out InfraRecorder found at Source Forge. Link: I just used it to do some basic burning and it worked beautifully. It’s light weight and gets you going. Check it out!

Master Bedroom Ceiling Fan!

Heather’s dad got the ceiling fan installed in the Master Bedroom. It looks great! The ceiling fans we got come with a remote. I guess the remotes are cheaper than the traditional pull chains. The lights can be faded with the remote.

2007 Civic Si Sedan at 1,500k miles – MPG over 30!

So I’ve put over 1,500 miles on the car now and let me tell you, all the miles have been wonderful. I’ve been keeping track of my gas mileage and I am happy to report I am getting over 30 mpg at every fill up thus far. I’ve filled the car up 6 times now […]

Office Fan Installed

Heather’s dad got the fan installed in our office. It looks really good. Next is the ceiling fan in the Master Bedroom.

Home Improvements

Heather and I purchased 2 new ceiling fans for the master and 3rd bedrooms. The fans come with overhead lighting and remotes. Heather’s dad is installing them for us. The builder did not install overhead lighting in the home so the installation is a bit more complicated for myself.

Electronic Frontier Foundation – Protect your blogging

Due to recent circumstances, I recently required help regarding free speech matters. A friend recommended the Electronic Frontier Foundation to get information how I can protect myself. Site: I was told about this organization months before but I did not take the time to investigate until just recently. If you are a blogger, you […]