Monthly Archives: December 2006

Deep Frying the New Year!

So we got a deep fryer for Christmas, and today we bought some food to cook in it. Oh boy, let me tell you it is awesome! Here are the results: Shoestring French fries (Giant Eagle brand) – Good. Onion Rings (Giant Eagle Brand) – Not Bad. Mozzarella sticks (Giant Eagle Brand) – Awesome! Strips […]

Webmail, the way to go

I switched my E-mail for my accounts to use the Google Apps for your Domain ( At first I was using Thunderbird on my laptop and desktop as my primary E-mail client with the Gmail interface as an optional method to retrieve my E-mail. This worked for the past 3 months reasonably well. But […]

Verizon billing department on crack!

I just listened to the post on the Geek News Central about how Verizon quoted a Internet Access rate of .002 cents a kilobyte and charged .002 dollars per kilobyte. The customer in question used 71,000 kilobytes of bandwidth. This sounds like a lot but once you translate it to megabyte, we are talking about […]

2008 Pontiac Trans Am, I hope so!

Check out the last 3 sketches found here: If you know me, you know I am nuts about Trans Ams, specially the 1978 Trams Am with the WS6 performance package with T-tops, black paint topped with a gold screaming chicken! Now these sketches aren’t bad! I like the look, except the rear window just […]