2008 Pontiac Trans Am, I hope so!

If you know me, you know I am nuts about Trans Am’s, specially the 1978 Trams Am with the WS6 performance package with T-tops, black paint topped with a gold screaming chicken! Now these sketches aren’t bad! I like the look, except the rear window just doesn’t match the sexy front end. I am aware that if GM builds a retro 1969 Camaro, then the Firebird will have to use the same body panels. This is a typical practice for the Big Three over the past 25 years. If the decision was mine, I would share many of the car components where possible except where it cuts into the beauty of the car. Everyone knows the mid to late 70’s Firebird had a wrap around rear window followed with a steep Ferrari styled rear trunk topped with a whale tail. If GM wants to sell the hell out of this car, they have to keep that styling with a retro touch. Taking the soon to be released 2007 Camaro with it’s retro 69′ styling and throwing a 77′ style Firebird grill on the front will not cut it.
Hopefully Pontiac will get the magic back and soon. My 3rd car is reaching year 7. Let me tell you, these past 130k miles have been great ones and the Civic is as reliable now as it was when I drove it off the lot. GM/Pontiac will really have to work hard to make a car that can win me back. GM, give me a call if you want some design tips/suggestions. 🙂

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