Monthly Archives: January 2006

Fight back Google!

Google Rebuffs Feds on Search Requests Put those boxing gloves on Google! You are in the right!

Honda Civic’s have a lot of potential

I just got a pre-painted rear bumper to replace my current cracked bumper. I did a quick search on Google to get some details how to take the bumper off and came across this article: 1989 Honda Civic Si This is one fast little car. What makes it very cool is that it is meant […]

Future Camaro, but no Firebird?

Check out the Chevy Camaro Concept. The design has some nice lines but looks like they are trying too hard to make it modern looking. My opinion, simplify the fenders and remove the arrow shape in the front of the car and you have yourself a pretty close to a classic Camaro. Now, will they […]

ISPConfig – Another Free Hosting Control Panel

I found another web hosting control panel for Linux: ISPConfig. ISPConfig has many features also found in RavenCore. It appears ISPConfig has a lot of the similar features found in RavenCore. One big difference is the web stats. I have been using AWStats long enough to know the other web stats just don’t give you […]


RavenCore Hosting Control Panel If you do a lot of web development then you most likely have dealt with Plesk, CPanel or some other type of web hosting control panel. Although these tools are convenient, they add cost to the web hosting services. For a long time you could simply install webmin. This is a […]


If you have not herd, the price of stamps is going up next week (Jan 8th) to 39 cents (currently 37 cents). I remember in the 80’s when stamps were 19 cents. Stamps have doubled in price in my life time. That’s just nuts! Many of us complain about the 39 cents but we don’t […]