Columbus, Ohio


If you have not herd, the price of stamps is going up next week (Jan 8th) to 39 cents (currently 37 cents). I remember in the 80’s when stamps were 19 cents. Stamps have doubled in price in my life time. That’s just nuts!

Many of us complain about the 39 cents but we don’t think about the other expenses that go into sending mail via the US Post Office. First, you need to make an investment in a plastic or metal box that you put on a wood or metal post near the end of your drive way. Factor in all the paper you use in the form of envelopes, paper for letters and the most expensive “paper checks”, and your letters may get up to 50+ cents each to send! You could easily save 2 cents by shopping around for future mailboxes, buy cheaper paper, and don’t mail checks.

Now what confuses me is how the mailbox you pay for becomes federal property. If someone steals your mailbox, its a federal crime! Now if someone hits and kills someone with a mailbox, is that a felony? It is, of course, government property.

I guess that is why we don’t hear about murders committed with mailboxes! I think I am just going to pay the extra 2 cents with confidence the mailbox is not going to do me in.

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