Columbus, Ohio

Future Camaro, but no Firebird?

Check out the Chevy Camaro Concept.

The design has some nice lines but looks like they are trying too hard to make it modern looking. My opinion, simplify the fenders and remove the arrow shape in the front of the car and you have yourself a pretty close to a classic Camaro.

Now, will they build a Firebird from the same chassis and/or body? Chances are they will, but everyone knows the best selling years of the Firebirds where when the Smokey and the Bandit movies were released, mainly 1978 and 1980 were the highest production years for the Firebirds/Trans Ams. Now if they share the same chassis but have different fenders, that would rock!

Hopefully they will manufacture a Trans Am that looks similar to the 1978. If they do, I will be first in line to buy myself a black with T-tops Trans Am and gladly pay extra for the screaming chicken bird decal on the hood!

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