You want some Java, well we have many flavors…

Many years ago I downloaded Java, a program used mainly for web browsers. Well A few weeks ago I again had a need to download Java and almost immediately my leg started to shake. See, every time I go to the web site, I find my computer expertise does not help me in any way to find what I need.

I am aware that most people who use Java most likely also program in it. Those of who that do not, or have not for many years like myself, find the web site to be the most unfriendly to visitors. What really troubles me is they have the technology to know who is visiting their web site. This information could easily narrow the number of different options based on the operating system the client is coming from.

The second thing needs to do is remove needless clicks on their web site. I swear I clicked 2 dozen things to find what I was looking for. Perhaps they are too proud to write a web script in JavaScript or use Flash to ease the navigation process. What ever the deal is, they seriously need to address their navigation problems and fast.

They need a browser called ‘sun screen‘, that will filter the crap you have to go through when you visit!!!

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