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Dreamweaver 8 is awesome!

Web development is changing dramatically. The biggest change is with using style sheets. For the past few years, I have used style sheets sparingly. Many older browsers do not support all the styles and if the user turns off the ability to render styles the web site ends up looking like a boring list of information. A lot of the modern and very well designed web pages are now using style sheets exclusively. The biggest problem working with style sheets is you could not preview your change without loading it into Firefox or Internet Explorer. But not any more!

Now that I have Dreamweaver 8, there is a huge improvement with viewing the styles right in the development screen. This will definitely save me time! They also moved the style management to the right column along with the files view and other tools. This is also convenient since it now allows me to edit the styles without having to close extra dialogs. Now if they just made the find/replace screen another tool window instead of a modeless dialog then things would be even better!

I highly recommend Dreamweaver 8. The templating system and site management tools combined with the advanced style editing features make it completely worth the $400!

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