Columbus, Ohio

Mexican Food Incorporated

My Fiancee and I tried Don Pablo’s for the second time this year. After two attempts I have come to the conclusion that Mexican Restaurants should not be made into large cookie cutter corporations. The best way to describe the food at Don Pablo’s: editable with only the look of Mexican. Their hamburger expanded menu may be the biggest sign of their failing Mexican menu.

I am not an authority on Restaurants, particularly Mexican, but I have had the pleasure to frequent a few authentic Mexican restaurants and I have concluded that the best Mexican food you will find will be at the most back of the woods home ran Mexican restaurant.

My Plugs

  • If you are in Columbus, I highly recommend Casa Fiesta. The one I frequent is in Grove City.
  • If you are in Akron/Canton area, I highly recommend El Campasinos. I frequented the location in Stow.
  • If you are in Milford, I recommend Acapulco.
  • Chipotle. In between Taco bell and authentic Mexican, this is a good cost alternative and they make it fast!

So long Don Pablo’s. I hope you find your niche, but it isn’t Mexican food that is for sure!

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