Welcome to Angelo Mandato’s official website.

Angelo Mandato’s Quick career bio

Angelo (born in September, 1976 in Medina, Ohio) is an entrepreneur, thought leader, innovator, software developer, and software architect. Angelo is a cofounder and part owner of RawVoice Inc, parent company to Blubrry Podcasting (a podcast hosting services company). From 2005-2022 he lead the IT initiatives as the company’s Chief Information Officer. Angelo has extensive experience architecting and developing applications, supervising, hiring, and mentoring software development teams, and innovating businesses with technology.

Today Angelo is an IT consultant as a software developer, architect, mentor, and thought leader. Angelo is a cofounder of the startup Recharge Suites, a short term home rental (AirBNB) business. In the 3rd quarter of 2022 Angelo plans on launching a new service called Logging Magic.

Angelo Mandato’s career history

Angelo started his career in 2000 as a Software Developer and was quickly promoted to software developer analyst where his role allowed him to mentor other software developers and architect software applications. In 2005 Angelo co-founded RawVoice, parent company to Blubrry podcasting, where he held nearly every IT role during his tenure as CIO. In the 17 years at RawVoice Angelo watched the company grow from a $250 investment to a multi-million dollar software services business. During his tenure he gained experience working with and hiring software developers, server administrators, support staff, graphic designers, user experience professionals, office assistants, and marketing personnel as well as gained valuable experience working with other vendors and creating partnerships with similarly aligned businesses and competitors.

In 2022 Angelo pivoted his career to focus on consulting to help individuals and organizations with the skills he has in IT, management, Amazon Web Services and podcasting and has cofounded a new startup Recharge Suites in the short term rental (AirBNB) business.


Angelo is happily married to Heather and have 2 children in Central Ohio. Heather is Angelo’s soul mate, best friend and is quoted by Angelo as the “greatest woman in the world”. in 2011 Angelo decided to stop posting about his wife and children on social media. Today he keeps his personal life out of his public life as much as possible.


Angelo graduated in 2000 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Kent State University. Angelo has attended an endless number of workshops, technical conferences, and meetups. Relevant training includes Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers and Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner. Certifications include SCRUM Product Owner, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

Angelo’s other interests


Angelo’s favorite song is The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin and his favorite band is The Beatles. During the 80’s Angelo gravitated to classic rock and oldies music and during his later teenage years in the early 90’s fell in love with grunge, modern rock, and techno music.

Food and Cooking

Angelo loves food! Breaking bread with family, friends and colleagues to Angelo is considered a sacred and meaningful shared experience. He loves specific restaurants, and greatly appreciates food from family and friends.

Angelo loves to cook. Grilling staples include burgers, hotdogs, brats, steaks, chicken, and asparagus. He loves family traditional classics including oven baked breaded chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, and lasagna. Sometimes he learns how to cook things just because, like potato chips, Nashville hot chicken, or funnel cakes. Angelo loves his desserts too and owns a professional milk shake mixer and loves to make Italian Pizzelle’s from the passed down family Pizzelle iron over an open flame.

Toys and pop culture

Angelo love’s his toys and pop culture! GI Joe, green army men, Lionel trains, and Lego’s, are in his DNA. The A-team, Night Rider, Starwars, Smokey and the Bandit, The 5th Element, and The Big Lebowski are some of his favorite TV shows and movies. Sometimes you can catch Angelo say things like “roger that”, “ten four”, or “The Dude abides”. As he says, “It’s about who controls the information.”, a Sneakers movie quote – it really is about the information, crazy!!!

Home improvement

If you know Angelo well, you know calling someone to fix something around the house is the last thing he will do unless he already knows how to do it and decides he would rather pay someone else to do it! Angelo has experience includes roofing, framing, wiring, basic plumbing, as well as projects including decks, finishing basements, and wood fences. He has experience working with contractors and completing home projects. Angelo studied construction and drafting in high school and learned from family and friends various home improvement skills over the years. Though his home improvement work he does is considered to him as a good therapeutic hobby, his knowledge and experience gives him excellent skills when working with contractors and overseeing the completion of home improvement projects.

Passion for Cars

Angelo is big car nut. If you know him, you already know his favorite car is the Smokey and the Bandit Pontiac Trans Am. His interest does not stop there. Angelo has a passion for just about every Pontiac ever made, loves driving his Honda’s and loves to get his hands dirty modifying and fixing cars as a hobby.

To learn more about Angelo’s car enthusiasm and hobby, check out his Mods and Rods website where he blogs about cars and the modifications he does to his Trans Am’s.

As far as other classic cars are concerned, I have a great appreciation for everything Pontiac. The 1973 Trans Am Super Duty is, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked muscle cars of its time. It’s a pretty fast muscle car. I also like the last 3 years of the 1970’s GTO’s, also referred to as The Judge, and the 1989 Turbo Trans Am 3.8L V6 Pace Car to name a few. Cars other than Pontiac that I like include the 80’s Buick Grand National and Chevy El Camino. Maybe someday I’ll build an 80’s El Camino with a Pontiac V8, that be pretty darn cool!


Until I purchased a little Honda Civic in 2000, my car passion would have stopped at the paragraph above. Owning a fun to drive and easy to tune little car was like a shot in the arm for a car guy like myself. These cars don’t have the same feel to the pedal (since they are 4 cylinder engines), but if control is your game, small cars are fun. I’m sure the Fiero hit this spirit during the 80’s, it’s a shame GM canceled the car. GM has done a lot of stupid things, but I will not get into that here.


My current car is a 2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan. She is a great car! Not without flaws though, the transmission needed rebuilt, but it was all handled under warranty. She is a lot of fun to drive. Some of the important performance features include a 197 HP DOHC 4 cylinder engine (horse power nearly matches displacement), 6 speed manual transmission, sport tuned suspension, 2-tiered dashboard, and all wheel disk brakes. Pretty much everything that was missing from my first civic!

I’m an optimistic that future cars are going to be a lot of fun. Hopefully our new president will help the Big Three get their head out of the SUV/big car ground and have them start thinking about making real fun to drive and innovative small cars. I think the new Dodge Caliber is a great first step and I believe that car has a lot of promise. Ford and GM need to pick up their game, the Cobalt and Focus have a ways to go to meet the expectations set by the Civic, Corolla and Sentra. Here’s a hint Big Three, think about creating performance tuned hybrids that let you run in battery mode or hybrid mode. I believe performance hybrids will be the future of sub compact car tuning.

Update, looks like Honda read my page, they created a Hybrid sport compact called the CR-Z! Now that I see one, I’m not so sure it works for me. But I suspect previous CR-X owners may like the car. Now, they just need to make a version of the CR-Z without the hybrid motor, then hopefully they will have enough combined sales to keep the platform around for many years.