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Angelo is available for consulting, from simple podcast industry advice to assisting the hiring and mentoring software development teams to take your technology to the next level.

Amazon Web Services Software Architect

To remain competitive today, your business should be on the Cloud. Cloud applications is not easy and require meticulous planning to best utilize cloud services from platforms such as Amazon Web Services. Benefits of a well designed cloud application include high availability, fault tolerance, disaster recovery and cost savings. However, there is no right answer, just a best answer to the following:

  • servers (ec2) or containers (Docker)?
  • Serverless or traditional servers with Elastic load balancers?
  • SND, SQS, SES?
  • SQL or NoSQL?
  • MySQL, PosgressSQL, Aurora?
  • DynamoDB, MongleDB or DocumentDB?
  • Redis vs Memcached?
  • Redshift vs Athena vs EMR?
  • Data lake or process locally?

Angelo has been developing systems and software on AWS since 2009 and has the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certifications. His experience can help you determine what services work best in your situation.

Angelo is a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner with over 10 years of experience using Jira and similar project management software and can help setup and plan your project milestones, releases and MVP’s (minimal viable product).

Project Management and SCRUM Project Owner

Angelo has experience with IT project management and SCRUM. SCRUM is the ultimate process of delivering small incremental and measurable changes in software and IT infrastructure in the most agile way. By following SCRUM best practices and techniques, a company can easily scale while keeping roles and responsibilities clear among teams.

In almost all cases, a Project Owner, not a project manager is what you seek. If you are creating and maintaining technology, a SCRUM project owner is a better fit with today’s fast place and quickly changing technology landscape.

Podcasting and digital media

Since 2005 Angelo has been a thought leader and innovator in the podcast industry. Experience includes building publishing, syndication, measurement, SmartTV and mobile applications for podcasting.

XML RSS feeds provide the glue that connects a recording to all the websites and applications that play each podcast. Angelo has been developing XML RSS feeds since 2005 and has experience with both creating podcast feeds directly as well as integrating podcasting into the popular WordPress Blogging platform via the most popular podcasting plugin PowerPress.

Angelo has been involved closely in the trade organizations and standards in the industry. Angelo was elected to the measurement committee of the Association of Downloadable Media in 2007 and lead the creation of the first podcast measurement guidelines. Angelo went on to be an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) from 2015-2022, contributing to the podcast measurement guidelines versions 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1. Angelo oversaw the Blubrry Podcast Statistics platform’s certification process which was the first to receive IAB’s podcast statistics certification in 2018 and oversaw the renewed certification in 2022.

Innovations and accomplishments include Blubrry podcast hosting service, the PowerPress podcasting plugin for WordPress, the first podcasting SmartTV apps (Vudu in 2009 followed by Roku and Samsung SmartTV’s in 2010), providing simple subscribe links within a sidebar and widget to make it easier for web visitors to subscribe to podcasts, Subscribe on Android – a centralized website for podcasters to make it easy for Android apps incorporate to expand podcasting beyond Apple hardware, Blubrry podcast statistics and analytics platform reporting podcast consumption, the first embeddable audio player with built-in subscribe to podcast functionality, and a complete internal podcasting ecosystem for enterprises to provide podcasting within their organization with security levels including the storing of podcast media encrypted at rest accessible within proprietary iOS, Android and Progressive Web Applications.

Web Development and Consulting

Is your small business or organization still without a website or presence online? More than half of Ohio’s small businesses do not have an online presence, even though 97% of Americans are looking online for products and services. (source: Columbus Dispatch) Websites are the foremost and easiest way for your audience to find pertinent information about your company or organization. With the ease at which websites are created, and the benefits they provide, there’s no reason not to have one!

Websites need to be kept up to date with the latest technologies and design to be effective. Your audience needs to know that you are available, knowledgeable, and professional. If you have a website already but it’s several years old, it could be time for an update. Get on board with the latest in SEO techniques and improve your listing on Google. Add links to social media like Facebook and Twitter to let your customers connect with you. Even add a twitter stream that is updated in real time, or a Flickr slideshow TikTok videos!

WordPress Theme and Plugin Development

Blogs are one way businesses can update their website with news about the company and impart their knowledge about their industry. Google looks favorably on sites that are updated often that include fresh content. We can help set up a WordPress installation on your server(s) and help develop a theme that is unique to your business.

Theme development can help your site stand out. Have an idea for a niche in real-estate that requires a special form? Want to display data on your website updated daily from a spreadsheet in your Google account? Want to have a membership website to allow access to your proprietary web application? We can develop your plugin. Examples of WordPress plugin work include:

Mobile App and Mobile Web Development

If you’re ready to get in on the mobile crowd, let us create an iPhone or Android App for you! Or at least make sure you have a mobile-friendly responsive website for those who will be searching for you on their smart phones. Don’t lose customers just because they got frustrated with your site and went elsewhere.

Technology Experience

  • UX/UI designs in Figma and Adobe XD (Figma preferred)
  • Designs that follow Material Design standards
  • Project Management with Jira
  • SCRUM – framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining products with a team.
  • GIT with BitBucket, github, and CodeCommit, Subversion
  • CI/CD pipelines that integrate with BitBucket and Github
  • IDE’s including VSCode, PHPStorm, and AWS Amplify
  • Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services
  • Auxiliary web services such as CloudFlare, Mailgun, DataDog, Snowflake, etc..
  • CDN services such as CloudFront, HighWinds/StackPath, Akamai
  • API development and testing with Postman and OpenGraph
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Infrastructure as code with CloudFormation
  • Coding languages such as C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, Bash, Pearl
  • WordPress, including theme, plugin and core development, hosting and infrastructure
  • Linux (Ubuntu preferred), Amazon Linux (similar to Red Hat Enterprise Linux)
  • Web servers including Apache, Nginx, and Lighttpd
  • Payment service providers including BrainTree, Stripe, and QuickBooks Payments
  • Frameworks: Laravel for PHP, VueJS, jQuery, Bootstrap

Summary of Strengths

  • Traditional web development and consulting with PHP and MySQL
  • Modern web development and consulting with NodeJS, VueJS, MySQL and NoSQL (e.g. DynamoDB, Redis)
  • WordPress theme, plugin development and consulting
  • TV application development and consulting including Roku and Samsung SmartTVs
  • Mobile application development and consulting including iPhone IOS and Android.
  • Podcast (online media) development and consulting including streaming media, syndication, hosting, and measurement.
  • Amazon Web Services architecture, development, and consulting
  • Social media integration, SEO, mobile websites
  • Mentoring software development teams, establishing SCURM framework, setting guidelines, code review processes, fostering an innovative environment, encouraging ownership

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