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We Got Tomatos!

We have tomatos! Heather and I planted 4 “Sweet 100″‘s, 2 Beefsteak and 4 “Early Ripe” tomatos this spring and over the past week or so we’ve been getting a lot of ripe tomatos. What’s amazing is, what’s pictured is just a small batch of what’s coming. I don’t know what the 100 means in the Sweet 100’s, but I suspect it’s the yield from each plant.


I also planted some Serano peppers, which sadly did not make it.

Heather planted some pumpkins, which we’ll be reporting on sometime in September/October.

Are you growing anything this year? If so, what’s coming out of your soil?


Garden 2009 phase 1 completed

Phase one of our first garden is complete. I made a 12 ft x 4 ft garden bed out of scrap cedar pickets, yard spikes, and plastic fencing. The first of 2 rows has a small variety of tomatoes. Phase 2 I have sereno peppers I’m nursing in the house. I actually have about 30+ sereno peppers nursing, I’ll be picking the 8 best to plant in the garden next weekend.

20090503192155 20090503192235

Heather planted 2 other tomato baskets, an up side down tomato plant from TV, plus a basket of strawberries.

In the section picture, check out the simple door I made, all I have to do is pickup the top support over the braces held back by some praces along the parallel rails and lay it down on the ground. Makes it easy to get in/out of the garden.