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The house is wired!

I’m done, I finished wiring the house 2 nights ago and it feels great. Actually I am not finished, I still have 4 more open ports in the patch panel and the whole first floor. :-p

Here’s a picture of my patch panel:
Patch Panel

A picture of my desk somewhat clean. This is a rare sighting!
Command central

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Wiring Up the house

I’ve been slowly wiring the house with Ethernet Cat5e and Coax RG-6 cabling. The evening of the 4th I finally ran cabling up to the attic and dropped the wires into the bedrooms. All the rooms now have coax cable ports. I’ve punched down 4 Ethernet in two of the important bedrooms. Sometime this weekend I’ll finish the other 2 bedrooms.

Wall Ports

I think putting 2 ports in each room was a smart thing to do. I color coded them so each room has both a blue and a green port. If we ever decide to get a home ‘lan’ phone, we now have the option of putting Ethernet phones in every bedroom.

I had to pull one of the cables off the patch panel. I still don’t know what the standard practice is for re-using a port in a patch panel that was previously used. I assume I can re-use the port but I haven’t found a blog post or web site to say either way. If anyone knows one way or the other, please leave a comment.

I didn’t wire everything on my own, as you can see Ty helped out!

Wiring Expert

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Monitor Verizon Wireless minutes usage in Firefox

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer and use Firefox, check out the Verizon Minutes Used Firefox Extension.

I was looking for a Google start page widget to monitor my Verizon Wireless minutes usage but stumbled upon this Firefox add-on.

This Firefox addon works great! I have it configured to 0nly display the peak minute usage in the status bar. It has a nice pop up tool tip screen with all the details I would ever need about my account. You can double click the add-on to sign into the Verizon Wireless web site too.

Verizon Wireless, you should be paying this guy for this plug-in. It is these convenience features that will keep me a Verizon Wireless Customer.


You want some Java, well we have many flavors…

Many years ago I downloaded Java, a program used mainly for web browsers. Well A few weeks ago I again had a need to download Java and almost immediately my leg started to shake. See, every time I go to the web site, I find my computer expertise does not help me in any way to find what I need.

I am aware that most people who use Java most likely also program in it. Those of who that do not, or have not for many years like myself, find the web site to be the most unfriendly to visitors. What really troubles me is they have the technology to know who is visiting their web site. This information could easily narrow the number of different options based on the operating system the client is coming from.

The second thing needs to do is remove needless clicks on their web site. I clicked 2 dozen things to find what I was looking for. They seriously need to address their navigation problems and fast.

They need a browser called ‘sun screen‘, that will filter the junk you have to go through when you visit!!!

UPDATE: Sun is now owned by Oracle and their website is much better, thank goodness!


Google Talk

I just installed the new Google Talk communication program. I am very excited to see how simplistic it is and the way it manages open windows is very revolutionary. You’re not going to find any faces when you type in 🙂 but that is what is neat, it kind of gives me a feel of the old school back when chatting on IRC you just had to know how the faces (today referred to as emoji) were typed.