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New Fence For the Dog Maybe?

We had someone come out and measure our yard this past weekend to see how much a new fence for the yard would cost. There are a lot of home improvements I would like to make to our home but the fence, oddly enough, is becoming 1# on the list. My sister told me about her fence quote, so I’m a little nervous. I priced out the materials, that part of the job isn’t that expensive.

Ty wearing PodCamp Ohio BlingWe currently walk Ty 2+ times a day and walk him around the yard 1+ times a day. Both Heather and I are starting to feel like we’re holding him back on the leash though. He can really run if you let him. So a fenced in yard will really help him out.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of home improvements we can make. The HGTV improvement shows really put ideas in your head, one week I want to re-do the kitchen, the next week I want to redo the bathrooms. In reality, we really don’t have any pressing home improvements to make. But it is fun to think about them.

Here’s my dream list:

  • Ceiling lights for the 2 smaller bedrooms and in deep closet over the stairs.
  • Finish the basement – This is one that we may want to do once we have kids.
  • Redo the deck – The decking on the deck is in pretty bad shape. luckily the under framing is in good shape, this should be a project we can do this year, if we have the funds of course.
  • 1/2 bath – The sink drain needs some TLC. I got the replacement drain last weekend, I just have to find the time to replace it. We also purchased a new faucet for that sink.
  • Master bath – The master shower needs some TLC, and the 2 sink counter us ugly.
  • Garage – Insulate, drywall, add electrical outlets on west wall and add shelving.

I can always dream right? What sorts of home improvements do you want to do to your home and why?

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  1. Have you considered getting an invisible/electric fence instead? I used to think they were inhumane but we’ve had one now for more than five years and I’m a big fan. Dogs are so smart, they learn it once and never get “stung” again. It’s way cheaper than a wooden fence and leaves your yard looking open and spacious. Just a thought!

  2. We’re having someone else put our fence in this summer. I thought about putting it in myself … in a moment of insanity that I’m glad that I snapped out of based upon your more recent posts. 🙂

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