Columbus, Ohio

Pepsi Jazz Strawberries and Cream = AWESOME!

My wife picked up a new flavor of Diet Pepsi Jazz called Strawberries and Cream when she went to the store the other day. I though there was only one Pepsi Jazz flavor but apparently I was wrong to think that.

Now the good part, Strawberries and Vanilla is awesome! I drink a lot of different flavor pops/sodas depending on what is on sale. My all time favorite is Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper with Diet Cherry Coke a close second. With this new flavor, I may have to rearrange my favorites!

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  1. You seem like a thoroughly decent guy, so please stop drinking nasty chemical garbage which is probably carcinogenic. If you like the taste of these horrible substances, then you have ruined your palate. Pure fruit juice or pure water, that’s the stuff to drink!

  2. Diet Pepsi Jazz Strawberries & Cream was the best drink ever!! I loved it and drank it everyday. Sadly its been discontinued. I called the 1-800 number and the Pepsi rep told me.
    And as for Steph, the poster above me, Get a life.

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