Columbus, Ohio

Pizza! (not incorporated)

My Fiancee and I have been on a pizza kick. I’ve been reading random positive reviews of local pizza shops in town.

Monday we tried MinuteMan pizza, a local chain in Columbus area. It was ok, but if you were in Columbus for travel I wouldn’t put effort into selecting that local chain over a national one.

Yesterday we tried a place in Grove City called Zamarelli’s Pizza Palace. At first I thought it was an actual dine-in restaurant because they were not open on Monday. But when I called to see if they took reservations I conversation got weird fast. Even though I made an A$$ of myself asking if they have different types of crust or a signature topped pizza, I ordered a simple large with pepperoni. Well, it wasn’t bad. I like the crust, similar to the old pan pizza from Little Caesars, it was cooked in olive oil. It was not nearly as thick as Little Caesars though. The pepperoni also got my attention. They definitely cut the pepperoni themselves, cause I’ve never seen pepperoni cut at the store or by Hormel between 1/4″ and 3/8″. That was definitely cool.

Today I tried a cold slice of Zamarelli’s pizza. This pizza cold tastes exactly how I remember Italian pizza tasting cold when I was a kid. This may not be the best pizza, but it definitely passes both my first served and left-overs tests.

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