Monthly Archives: April 2008

Happy Earth Day! – 3 New Trees for the Yard

Happy Earth Day everyone! Heather and I didn’t time our tree planting around Earth Day, but that’s ok because we do care about the earth. This weekend we planted 3 new trees in our yard. This is significant because our yard doesn’t have a single tree in it. Reminds me of the house/yard I grew […]

New Fence For the Dog Maybe?

We had someone come out and measure our yard this past weekend to see how much a new fence for the yard would cost. There are a lot of home improvements I would like to make to our home but the fence, oddly enough, is becoming 1# on the list. My sister told me about […]

MetaWeblogAPI Web Resource

If you are looking for excellent resources for the MetaWeblogAPI and derivatives (Blogger 1.0, WordPress, MovableType APIs), look no further. SixApart has an excellent web site that documents all of the APIs pretty well.