Monthly Archives: February 2008

A Good Keyboard is Important

Last summer, I purchased a new computer, right away I had to swap the new keyboard that came with it (HP Pavilion) with my previous worn down IBM keyboard. Well in October, the keyboard wasn’t working so well so I hunted through the house till I found a keyboard I could live with. Oddly, it’s […]

Heather made Buckeyes! Peanut Butter Chocolate Candies

Heather made Buckeyes! Peanut butter and chocolate has to be the best combination ever thought of. This recipe was pretty simple. The tricky part was melting the chocolate. Heather came up with a creative setup, she took a spaghetti pot, flipped over the strainer lid and then put a glass bowl on top of the […]

Why does Angelo Love Cheese?

Okay, you got me. I use the slogan “I love cheese” a lot. Here’s why: Link: The Power of Cheese Commercial The commercial dates back to the 1998/2000 elections and was used for the “Ahh, the power of cheese” series of commercials. Check out the actor who plays “Hayes for President”, he later was president […]

Dog Ate My Oatmeal Cookies!

Last night, Heather and I went out to dinner for Valentines Day. When we got home, the dog was extra hyper running all over the house. So a few hours go by and I went to the kitchen to get an oatmeal cookie. They’re gone! I searched around the kitchen thinking I put them somewhere […]

Apache Module Rewrite – URL Rewriting Guide

If you’re looking for clean and simple resource or reference on the Rewrite Module in Apache, look no further. This page is the most useful and to the point resource on the subject I have come across to date. Module Rewrite – URL Rewriting Guide If you are looking for a cheat sheet, check out […]