Monthly Archives: March 2007

Free Text Editors Reviewed

It has been a while since I looked at using a different text editor. I have been a die hard SciTE user for the past 4 years. Today though I thought I would look at some other editors and see if they would meet my needs. SciTE Home Page: First, I went to Wikipedia […]

New addition to the family – Giga

Meet the newest edition to the Mandato family, Giga (short for Gigabyte). And she does bite, playfully though. 🙂 She is a 2 years old stray that we adopted from the humane society.

New Kitchen Table

We got our new kitchen table last Thursday! It took 2 cars to bring it all home. The store wanted us to pay $80 for them to “deliver and assemble the furniture”. Instead we went and picked it up! The way they talked it sounded as if we would have to assemble the chairs and […]

basename() function for JavaScript

I wrote this basename() function for JavaScript today. It parses a file portion for either windows ‘c:pathtofile.ext’, *nix ‘/path/to/file.ext’ or href ‘http://server/path/to/file.ext’. function GetBaseName(file) { var Parts = file.split(‘\’); if( Parts.length < 2 ) Parts = file.split('/'); return Parts[ Parts.length -1 ]; }

PHP file verification – md5_file vs sha1_file vs crc32 and no native crc32_file

The following was originally posted on under the ‘User Contributed Notes’ but was recently removed. Since this information came up in topic again with a colleague, I am making this research available on my blog. If you are trying to decide on a function for file verification, I came to the conclusion that md5_file() […]

Pepsi Jazz Strawberries and Cream = AWESOME!

My wife picked up a new flavor of Diet Pepsi Jazz called Strawberries and Cream when she went to the store the other day. I though there was only one Pepsi Jazz flavor but apparently I was wrong to think that. Now the good part, Strawberries and Vanilla is awesome! I drink a lot of […]