Monthly Archives: February 2007

Fix for unresolved DNS queries that are reported by DNS servers to display ads

If you have an ISP that displays a ‘site not found’ page when ever you enter an incorrectly typed domain name in your address bar and it drives you nuts, then this post is for you. My new ISP, WOW Internet (Wide Open West Cable), has their DNS servers configured to return a specific IP […]

New addition to the family!

Meet Ty, We adopted him Saturday (February 3rd). He is a Border Collie mix.

Wiring up the house

I started working on wiring up the house. I don’t have much time lately to actually run the wiring, but I did get a couple hours last weekend to build a rack for my network cabling. Directions I got some wood at Lowes pre-cut. I got 2 1x10x48″ and 1 1x10x72″ lumber, 1 5/8″ drywall […]