Podalyzer, stats for your podcasts

If you are looking for a nice solution to create specific stats on your podcasts, check out podalyzer: http://www.hexten.net/podalyzer/

You will need a fairly up to date setup of Perl to utilize podalyzer. I ran some tests and found it is excellent for making stats from your mp3s.

I did have a problem trying to use stats from libsyn. Libsyn is doing some funky stuff with the logs, instead of 200 ok status messages there are 202 status messages and the path saved in the log is not the same path that is in the URL. Hopefully a future version of podalyzer will be able to handle this pitfall.

2 comments on "Podalyzer, stats for your podcasts"

  1. The latest version has support for libsyn log files – podfeeder can perform translation on the media URLs found in the feed and podalyzer now interprets 202 status codes the same as 200s (which seems to do the right thing).

    Please give it a try and let me know if it needs anything else 🙂

  2. angelo says:

    Hey Andy,

    I tried your lastest version of the stats and they work great! I am still rather unhappy that Libsyn writes such odd 202 status codes and different paths into the log. I wonder why they do that.

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